“Stafford doesn’t care enough”

This from a different long thread where Stafford was trying to sleep on the plane coming back from Green Bay. I guess maybe you were expecting him to light a torch, gather the team around him in row 27 and proclaim his hatred for all officials and how they keep getting screwed?

It boggles the mind to read things like this.
I can only assume people that write these things never actually watch Lions games. I find it impossible to have watched Stafford play all these years and even consider that he doesn’t care enough.
The results obviously aren’t always there but the guy is a warrior.

I’m not going to run through the many reasons I say this because if I need to remind you of them it’s clear you haven’t been watching.


Some people just have negative attitudes in thier life and it flows into this stuff…

This type of comment normally reflect how the individual speaking thinks about things… the one speaker doesn’t care…


I get tired of when people say Stafford should show his emotions more like Brady etc. Leaders have different styles and react differently and I see no issues with how Stafford reacts in situations and I have seen him fired up on several occasions, he just doesn’t show it to the media.


It’s a dumb take. It’s not accurate…so don’t give it fuel.



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What matters is that he’s the type of QB that will take off and take on tacklers for a first down. The rest is irrelevant noise. Do your job.

Or, he’s running downfield to block for his RB. That kind of commitment from a guy with a back issue says a lot more to the team than any histrionics. The guy is a flat-out warrior, and don’t think his teammates don’t know it. Leadership dudes - win or lose, the game is over and we got another one coming up. So it’s time to rest up fellas, there ain’t jack we can do about the officials.

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Welcome GK!

That pic was after the MNF game. Other players came out looked very disappointed

sorry this thread is a joke !

Not sure what you’re getting at here?

So…some people want their QB acting like a lunatic?
I don’t know if he cares enough or not but I am happy he acts like a professional instead of a little baby.

Thank you.

I don’t understand what that picture is supposed to be depicting.

Is that supposed to be Stafford sitting on a bus? What exactly is this supposed to mean?


He refused to give up his seat.