Stafford doesn't practice

Let’s just shut him down and heal for next year or we are risking his career. This year is shot already.


I don’t expect him to practice for a couple weeks. Driskel needs this time.


Agree. Once our GM decided not to buy at the deadline and actually let a player go the week before the deadline, even he acknowledged the season was over.

Anyone who thinks he should play another snap this season is just clinging on to their fantasy football life. It makes zero sense to do this again, like they did last year.


Couldn’t agree more.

The fact that they are trying to get him back on the field confuses the sh** out of me.

Franchise player = Broken bones in back + other injuries.
Season = Over. No chance at playoffs.
Risk > Reward

What are we doing here? These are serious injuries that could possibly jeopardize Stafford’s career if they are made worse. What’s the reward here?


3-5-1, and effectively out of the playoff race being four games behind in the win column for the last wild-card spot with 7 left to play

Franchise quarterback has broken bones in his back. Again.

We basically have a carbon copy of Theo Riddick as our number one running back with no idea if our very very poor man’s Dalvin cook will ever be able to play more than 8 games this season

A historically bad defense thus far despite much more Talent than previous terrible defenses

A number 8 overall pick that we throw the ball to maybe four times a game

Our shutdown cornerback obliquely calling out the defensive coordinator for being a d******

Various injuries to the injury-prone 9 million-dollar one-off free agency signing

Deteriorating offensive line play

None of this says let’s get our franchise quarterback back on the field as soon as possible. I don’t know if they shot him down per se, but if he gets a couple of weeks off and it doesn’t look any better for him or for the team’s record, then there’s really no point is there?

Super happy we have all that extra cap space though, maybe Quinn can carry all that over and we can really sink our teeth into a plan for 2023


Stands and applauds


I just need to know what that censored word was meant to be. Doosh, dikhead, dumass? I mean, all would be appropriate, just curious.

Other than that, your post was top to bottom, dead on.

The salary cap floor is based on total cash spent over four-year periods, the first running from 2013–2016 and the second from 2017–2020. A team can be under the floor in one or more seasons in a cycle without violating the CBA, as long as its total spending during the four-year period reaches the required percentage of the cap.

Put another way, the Lions can roll over any unused salary cap with no limitations on any given year, provided that they spend at least 90% of the salary cap for 2017 through 2020 combined as a 4-year total.

Or in short, it will need to be spent by next year.

The Password, Gene, was dip Shit.

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This all makes a ton of sense. I can’t get behind the ding dongs who want to tank for a higher draft pick (when has that worked?), but not risking an aging Stafford’s health for this shit year makes all the sense in the world.

The only reason to play Stafford would be so that Patricia doesn’t get to use the absence of Stafford as an excuse for his horrendous performance.

I’m thinking Lions are going to be forced to Rebuild. Even though the Lions have been in a perpetual rebuild for decades.

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If Stafford can play , he should play until we are mathematically eliminated.
Beating Dallas goes along way to sneaking into a wild card being that we beat Philly , beating Dallas would be needed for any shot .
Yes we are 4 back in the win column Vikes 4 & Seattle 5 but they play each other knocking one of them down a game (Root for Hawks in this one) and we have played 1 less game , that one game if its a win for us knocks Vikes down to a 2 game lead and we still play them at home possibly making it a 1 game lead . It’s 7-1 over the next 8 and I think we are in with 10 wins unless the 2 wild cards end up with 11 wins our tie ends up being huge .
Likely ? No… but until we are out and if Stafford can go , he should go .


I believe you can accomplish quite a bit as a team in every game. Fans get tied up with playoffs and their hopes, but the Lions are not healthy and there is a fine line between winning and losing in the NFL. When Matt is able to play without any above normal long term risk he should play. Winning as many games as possible is still something important to team building. Daniels, Hand and Flowers haven’t yet really been on the field together. Slay hasn’t been healthy all year and we should have beaten KC and GB if there were no officials interfering. The season is a living and breathing enterprise. Unless you are playing your best football at the end your record rarely matters. I want to see the Lions play good football and there is still time for that.


If Driskel lights it up for the rest of the season, we will have trade value. If Stafford calls it quits after this season, we still have Driskel as a possibility or through the draft.

I’m looking forward to the next game with Driskel as the starting QB. I want to see Bevell’s game plan with a mobile QB.

Teams seem to be favoring more mobile QBs this season. Maybe because of the emphasis of not touching the QB. flag flag flag so defenses are backing off.

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Here is how it will work out;

Showrunner Fatty Matty Patty gets renewed for a 16 episode run for Season 3 of “Smartest Guy In The Room”

Writing room change- Paul P gets killed off in the Season 2 Finale. The rest of the ensemble cast stays essentially unchanged barring some extras here and there, plus some new characters are signed for Season 3 to add some life to a clearly borderline performance by the holdovers in the first 2 seasons. Think adding David Ogden Stires and Harry Morgan to MASH.

High profile leading man Stafford basically will determine if the series continues through his performance, along with the writing team change setting a better storyline.

If it works, your star stays through the end of his contract and the showrunner gets a reprieve.

If they don’t pick up some hardware at the awards shows however, the studio cancels the showrunner, the producer, the series, and your star actor moves on to a better show, while the studio fllls the timeslot with a completely new show, cast, timeline and expectations.



I see many former Lions that WERE solid players get treated and handled incorrectly by our leaders until we lost them, the more I think about it, the more I think they will mishandle Stafford and we will lose him as well at some point. Barry , CJ, Tate., they pissed off Slay , I can’t name or remember ALL of them through the years.

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Gentlemen, this isn’t a rebuild, it’s rebuilt.
Stafford, Slay, Martin, Prater and Mule are from the previous regime, all on Quinn contracts.
At his point, Quinn isn’t cutting the previous regime’s players and replacing them, he’s at the point of cutting and replacing his own.

Of the 53:
22 were added in 2019.
13 were add in 2018.
6 from 2017.
7 from 2016.
5 pre-Quinn but re-upped.


It’s possible Quinn cuts/trades all the past Mayhew acquired players. The only safe players imo are Stafford and Prater. Muhl will probably retire after this season.

It’s also possible that Quinn will cut/trade the players he acquired when Caldwell has HC.

On Monday, in his weekly interview with Mitch Albom, Stafford said he hoped to practice and/or play as soon as possible. Given that he looked good in practice before the Bears game, I suspect that shot in the back against the Raiders affected a major organ, e.g. kidney, liver, or spleen—something that wouldn’t affect his performance, but could affect his health. IMO, the “broken back” story doesn’t make sense.


So, even Quinn acknowledges that Mayhew is lightyears better than him.

4 years in, in a league that players careers last like 3 years and 5 of the best 8 players are from the previous regime. It gets worse the more you dig into it.

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