Stafford, Hall & Ragnow on NFL's best list on ESPN+ Insider

ESPN Insider list of the NFL’s best performers in every category you can think of – for the fourth year in a row – using grades, stats and data pulled from grading every player on every play of every game of the 2019 NFL season.

Best quarterback in the pocket

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Stafford has limited mistakes and taken his shots admirably from within the pocket, leading the league with 23 big-time throws – PFF’s highest-graded pass attempts based upon ball placement, velocity, targeted depth and other factors – from inside the pocket. He has completed 169 of 258 attempts for 2,271 yards and 17 touchdowns, with the latter leading the NFL

Best quarterback when kept clean

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions
When not under pressure, Stafford has been lights-out in 2019, hitting 140 of 196 attempts for 1,886 yards. He has thrown 17 touchdown passes to lead the league and adds a little extra to his passes when given time to go through his reads. He’s averaging the league’s top depth of target (11.1) from a clean pocket and subsequently has the highest yards per attempt average (9.6)

Best wide receiver by route: corner

Marvin Hall, Detroit Lions
It’s Hall’s corner, and we’re just living in it. He has secured three corner route receptions this season for a whopping 154 yards, the latter figure comfortably leading the league. All three have gone for either a first down or touchdown, as he’s one of just 25 players to score on a corner route.

Best run-blocking center

Frank Ragnow, Detroit Lions
The 2018 first-round pick moves bodies in the run game and has been dominant with his speed and first step, as he routinely clears lanes for the Detroit running backs. Lions backs are averaging nearly 2.0 yards before contact on carries to either of his gaps, and credit falls heavily on Ragnow’s shoulders


Ragnow is why I would love to see a Mauler guard next year to take over one of the guard spots. Supposedly Glasgow is also ranked quite high in the run.

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Thanks for sharing.

I had to look-up who Hall was. Not sure I’d give him an award for having 5 receptions…but whatever. Meaningless award IMO.


I agree Snags. I’m not sure that one merited the recognition.

The list itself is overkill much like any sports articles based on subjective statistics. The article actually contains 60 different categories naming players for each specific route for example for the wide receivers xcetera. :slight_smile: but as there didn’t appear to be much breaking news,
I thought that members might find that interesting coming off the ESPN plus website.

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Oh believe me I appreciate you posting it, @cdktracers!

I’ve been debating on whether to splurge for ESPN+ considering all the hockey they offer, but A) I’m not sure I’d use it for much else, and B) I can already watch any game I’d want to see anyway, I just lose use of my laptop.

Sometimes I watch AHL on the laptop while watching NHL games on the TV though, and the wife is a big Disney fan, so who knows. If they offered the ability to re-watch games, I’d be sold.

How have you liked it so far?

The service provides a very large variety of otherwise impossible to find feeds such as smaller University college football matchups or the Canadian football league and as you mentioned the NHL just to mention a few. I had hoped for a lot more in-depth reporting versus the typical ESPN articles but so far have been mildly disappointed in that area. Still definitely if you were to use it even just a few times a month well worth $5 a month. They do offer the ability to watch previously played games on demand.

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Damn, that’s good to know.

I just got a subscription to TheAthletic, but may have to grab ESPN+ while I’m at it.

Thanks for the info!

I recently bought a year of ESPN+ but I only want it for access to fights. Its almost like you need to PM me and work something out. Almost.:wink: