Stafford has partially torn ligament

Tests revealed QB Matthew Stafford has a partial tear in a ligament in the thumb on his throwing hand, per sources. They’ll take the week to see how he throws the ball. But Stafford is tough as they come and the expectation is he starts Sunday against the Panthers.

Dude is always hurt, every year.

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Last time this happened he struggled to grip the ball and his spiral wasn’t as tight and his passes lost velocity. End result was a few too many INTs.

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Should have drafted a young QB with less injury concerns like Tua … ummm what?.. wait!


Umm, he went 8 straight years without missing a start until last year. He’s had a lot of injuries the last few years but he’s been an Ironman for most of his career which is amazing considering that he had no running game support or a decent offensive line most of that time.


Facts. I cannot believe the Lions didn’t draft a QB last draft… oh wait I can. They’re the Lions. SOL.

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Yes ironman mostly. But he pissed the division away in 2016 due to hand. Always has constant nagging injuries. I give him credit for playing through mostly… but he has alot of wear and tear, and really is not a smart QB. Stafford never took care of his body to the level of a Brady or even Peyton Manning. I think he’s pretty much at the end of the line.

On a seperate note I can’t even remember a single time where Russell Wilson was banged up. Some guys have the uncanny ability to avoid major contact. Kyler Murray is another one, while small will be VERY durable.

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Right. Stafford has clearly not done the intense hand conditioning that those guys have :roll_eyes:


They are small elusive running QBs, Stafford isn’t so of course they wouldn’t take as many big hits.

It’s absurd to criticize Stafford for being injured too much. It’s like some of you project all your hate of the team on to Stafford as if it’s all his fault and will find any little thing, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, to criticize him for.

Criticize him all you want for his inaccuracy, for his lack of football IQ at critical moments sometimes, his poor record against winning teams but to criticize him for being injured too much or not taking care of his body? Stop, just stop. Dude put everything he had into trying to carry this sad sack franchise to any sort of relevance for a decade showing resilience and toughness for 135 straight games getting battered and bruised throughout that decade. You can at least give him that much.

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He tore a ligament in his thumb just throwing the ball, without contact.

He’s entering the phase of his career where the injuries are going to pile up. I don’t care if some of you refuse to acknowledge that; it doesn’t make it less true.

If only the Lions were in position to be prepared for that, and the future, with one of those promising young QBs we’re seeing every week.

But hey, got a CB taken higher than anyone at that position in a quarter-century, who doesn’t stand out in any positive way. So there’s that.

I’m just saying that the guy can’t catch a break (no pun intended) he just seems to be playing hurt every year.

Didn’t he hurt it on the play when he got sacked and his helmet got ripped off? I’m assuming he banged his throwing hand into something (or got it caught in a helmet). That’s almost always the case with throwing hand injuries.

Yeah, thats was the play I believe. Usually for a qb his hand comes down on a defenders helmet.

If I remember right, a Dlineman pancaked him, they unpiled and Stafford was shaking his hand and flexing it. A couple of plays later they were taping that thumb.

EDIT: already answered…lol

Well that totally inaccurate

That’s fair.
Honestly though, most players are playing through some sort of injury. Not too many play 8 straight years through whatever ailments they’re suffering from. He should be commended for that.

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What is inaccurate?

Dec 11 he had a fractured finger
2016 torn ligaments in that same hand

I think, imho, he throws so hard that by default he injured it more than the other QBs out there… just a thought without and real proof

I agree with you yet …

One problem could be his toughness and power within the org
Thst keeps him as lions best option to win
Even when he’s injured. He wants to play , coaches play him
And at times , it looks like injuries made him less effective and maybe a decent back up QB -
Remember BQ said Driskel played well enoug. To be 2-1 last yr -
Gets team through a game or two allowing others to step up.

To me , it’s the same reason I think Cslvin deserved signing bonus. Org let him play injured as best chance to win or entertain fans
And it shortened career.

If Thst happens with Matt it wouldn’t be a surprise.

It was risky to let him back on the field to throw winning td vs browns. It worked out but he couldn’t protect himself if the lions protection was blown up. That could’ve been end right then.

Instead it set precedent for Staffird to call shots before medical does or coaches stop him

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