Stafford Is Not Disabled and Should Be Playing

Here’s my contention: Stafford is no more injured than he was when he was in the lineup at the end of last season and the start of this season. OK, it was discovered he has microscopic fracture(s) in one or more bones in his spinal column. How does this affect his ability to do his job? What risk do these fractures pose above and beyond the risk that any football player takes in playing the game? He is not in traction. He has demonstrated he can throw the ball with authority. He has good mobility. He’s being paid millions of dollars, and those dollars are coming from fans and TV viewers and the people who buy products advertised during the telecasts. Those people deserve to see the best personnel a team can field, playing to the best of their ability, every time they take the field. I’m so sick of people talking about “meaningless” games just because a team is not playoff eligible. There is no meaningless game to an athlete who has an innate desire to win every time he suits up. If Stafford is concerned about jeopardizing his life after football he should retire and forfeit the remainder of his contract. Every man out there is taking his life in his hands on every snap. If you can’t deal with that, hang it up. So, I’ll say it again, the Lions fans are being “gamed”, as in not being given the value they are paying for, by the team’s management. I suggest a boycott, empty seats and minimal viewership. The onus is on the Lions to explain why Stafford cannot play, what purpose his benching serves.

Tony Romo suffered a transverse process fracture and only missed one game. Cam Newton suffered transverse process fractures in a car accident.

David J. Chao :heavy_check_mark: @ProFootballDoc

CAM NEWTON transverse process spine fracture:
GOOD NEWS: not dangerous, no paralysis, short term injury.
BAD NEWS: could miss next game.

Tweet from Dr. Robert Klapper:
CAM NEWTON. Transverse process Fracture is more like a muscle tear than a bone fracture. Time to heal is faster!

So, not unreasonable to expect Stafford to play on Thanksgiving, and if he does not, the fans have a right to know why not.

Yikes, luckily you are not making adult decisions for others I assume.


Possibly the worst post I’ve ever read.

Have you read ANY of the hundreds of articles pertaining to this? You really think Stafford likes sitting?
You want him to forfeit his contract?
My gosh…


I can’t tell if this is actual lunacy or just a top-notch troll job.

The latter is both more entertaining and less disconcerting, so I choose to believe that.


Why? There is zero advantage to playing Stafford in meaningless games, and every advantage taking a look at other players, like Driskel and getting him NFL game experience.
Stafford has broken bones in his back two years in a row. The writing is on the wall, sportsfans. Read it!


He needs to retire and spend time with his kids while his body allows him to. It’s going to suck for us fans, but he’s not some kind of sports asset. He’s a human being who gives his all to this franchise, and will not get anything in return (in terms of winning championships), at least not from this coach and management.


Retire, Staff. It just ain’t worth it…


Driskel is way better than this team deserves! Just throw together a team of aging, competent backups, or maybe just backups, whatever. Only the fans and players want to win anyway. Management (and the NFL) need to stop pretending and just admit they (Lion inc.) don’t know shit about football and see how long of a losing streak they can put together. Maybe, rehire Millen.
No more of this paper team bullshit and giving the fans false hope for a week or two a year.

I think you are under appreciating the fact Stafford played 136 games straight and finished the Raiders game with this injury. If it was up to Stafford then he would play. Sometimes you have to protect athletes from themselves and that is what our medical team is doing. Stafford may be many things but his toughness should never EVER be questioned. EVER!


People who are anti Stafford now want him to play??? its sad when you want a player to play an maybe end his career . I disagree with the anti post but this post is way way off base…Its really Sad an how anyone can say they are a fan an think this way. That said I wouldn’t be shocked if he did retire but sure is not my wish


Pretty sure its both. Judging from the fact that the op only has 5 post(2 of them being in this thread)its a top notch troll. It is done in a very disgusting way. Just because he gets paid millions of dollars the should put his health at risk so the fans can see him? How does The OP know the extent of Staffords injuries if not being one of the doctors or a fly on the wall during examinations? Really dramatic saying every player is taking their life in their hands on every snap. I dont think they are standing in the huddle think this could be the last thing i do on this earth. The OP is upset Stafford wont risk his health because he is getting cheated out of entertainment?

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Bizarre take.

And when 60,000 fans are paying millions of dollars to see a game, and advertisers millions to sponsor a telecast, the game is NOT MEANINGLESS. Superbowl championships are “meaningless” in the context of things like health, a livable planet, and the important things most of us do to make life on earth what it is.

I don’t care if they call it “load management” there isn’t a real reason to bring Stafford out there.

I understand though it sucks not having him out there but at this point the season is done.

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Ok i read, i understood and i still disagree with everything you said. Telling people to STFU on a forum because they dont agree with you is baffling.

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The Lions are going no place this year, with or without Stafford. You have to think long term. There is absolutely no good reason for Matt to play injured. Save that back for next year when it may do some good.


I read, I understood and I’m STFU because this thread isn’t worth arguing about.

Next year?! What about this Thursday? It might do some good then too, like make a lot of Lions fans happy and entertain the millions who have to watch the Lions on Thanksgiving. I wasn’t the one who started the trash talk, I got people calling me a troll, an idiot, cruel etc. What about all the Cubs fans who “waited for next year” their whole life?! Staffords had a few weeks off, micro-fractures heal, unless the man is in great pain, he should play, because THE FANS ARE PAYING TO SEE STAFFORD, not Dickweed, the show must go on. Meaningless, pro football is meaningless, period, it’s entertainment, and next year a lot of us will be dead.

Yeah, he should. That’s what football players do. Playing football is inherently dangerous. The injury was described as micro-fractures, that’s why it wasn’t diagnosed early. Bones heal.