Stafford may be done for the year

The plan going forward, Rapoport added, is to have another scan later this week to determine Stafford’s status going forward. It’s a process that will be repeated until Stafford gains clearance.

At this point, there is no firm timeline as it’s as simple as how the bones will heal.

There is a chance, though a slim one, that it could be in time for Week 12, but it could just as likely be all the way until Week 17.

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I think he is done for good.

Dayum I was hoping for his return but not if it means lifelong damage to his back or something, All The Luck wished for Driskel manning the position going forward and today !

Well that sucks. Better be safe than sorry

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Probably better for the future to sit him the rest of this year anyway. Hope he can be healthy next year and the team can improve around him.

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According to the Freep story, it’s a six week recovery. He should be back for the Broncos.
Patty says he’s doing great with workouts, film study, and helping prepare the team for upcoming games.

I’m good with however it plays out. Let’s do what we need to do to extend the career of the alpha QB, and take into consideration what is best for him as a man, as well as his family in the process. Reward him today, and get rewarded for it later. The way Matt is wired, if it’s remotely possible for him to get on the field, he will. Love that he’s our guy, and we’re really lucky to have him.

He’ll be back when he’s supposed to be. No reason to rush.


Think it’s for the best to shut him down. Really, what’s the plus side getting him back later?


drafting outside the top 5 again because of meaningless wins…?

If we lose the next game, for 7 losses, IR him… we win and imho we wait another week…

I agree let him sit out the rest of the season. Let’s try to see what we have in young guys and work on the Oline and run game.