Stafford not expected to play vs Bears

Yup he’s out! Sucks

What’s the point of watching?

Like a car wreak. You can’t avert your eyes.

Is that two straight years with broken bones in his back?

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I wasnt kidding when I made that thread about Stafford possibly calling it quits in the offseason.

Team isn’t winning, broken bones in back, two young daughters, and a wife recovering from a brain tumor.

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Wow, it’s going be weird not seeing #9 in the huddle.

Are these the same “fractured bones” that stiffled him last season?

Trubisky vs. Driskell, seems about even to me! LOL

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Yup. The guy tries to play through everything.
Looks like its catching up to him.
I respect his desire, and his toughness… but with our season going the way it is, I don’t see how you can risk your future like that.

Mitch is going to have a big game today. He is due, and we don’t have a defense, and the Bears do.

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True, thus the Bears win defensively today.

Matt might as well sign a new contract with a big signing bonus and then act a fool to try and get cut, so he can keep his signing bonus!

Today marks Trubisky’s comeback. A big game AND a win.

Well I suppose we can stop arguing about the moves we did/didn’t make this season…

None of it matters if we don’t have Stafford.

How much better will it be to rub it into Bears fans faces after we beat them today with Jeff Driskell …Mark it down , upset victory by the Lions in Soldier Field Lions 23 -Bears 17

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Maybe Mike Daniels can play QB?!?! LOL

Good thing we signed him instead of using that money for a legit backup QB!..meh, not that it really matters anyways.

Can the team step up and have a big game for their fallen leader?

This pretty much means he is done for the year right I mean broken bones dont just heal up that quick and with no playoff shot why risk it.