Stafford on IR

About time.

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Those idiots were going to try and play him to save their jobs.



What a joke.


Yep. One of a bunch of fireable offenses. Martha is a useless bag of decaying skin.

The fact that this is timed with the announcement that Quinn and Patricia are being retained is rather disgusting.



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How can we be shocked by anything this organization does? I’ve said for years it’s arguably the worst organization in pro sports history.


He should’ve way before this, but now that dumb and dumber are back he goes on IR. Funny stuff from our lion’s.

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NFL: “Come Get Me!”


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Fucking disgusting. I had accepted that BQ and MP would be back cause of the Stafford injury, but to IR him within an hour of keeping your job is a disgrace.


No point in keeping Stafford on the roster if he ain’t going to play, and presumably he isn’t. So, let’s get somebody in here for a look-see over the last 2 games, nothing wrong with that.

Agree. 3 weeks ago.


Hear that guys? Wise just said we should cut Stafford!

Aside from all the negativity on Ford and Quinn/Matty Patty, its a real bummer to see Stafford go out like this on such a great start. He was rising up the career all time list in passing yards and this sets him back.

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Yeah right :roll_eyes:

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Sad that this is all most Lions fans care about. They have accepted that they will never get a playoff win in his career.

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What sad is the ugly ass remarks here that are all fuels by some level of hate

Anyone who think Matt was on the active roster to actually play in a game is not thinking. He was there to help in the coaches room and help set the starting QBs a fighting chance scheme wise. Nothing else folks… foolish

And to call a senior citizen “a bag of decaying skin” is disgusting - shame on you brother as that’s someone mom and grand mother but hey you are butt hurt about a stupid football team and that give you the ok to be a dick towards another human being …

That is what’s sad

They most likely imho need other positions with depth and they feel that’s more important than the QB room

That is all - I hope you all lighten up…


@Abject, Hell of a post my friend. :pray:t3::beers:

Bravo Abject!!! I can’t see the post you’re referring to cuz the hater deleted it but yours is spot on!!!

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I don’t know what there is to argue about.