Stafford ranked first

Pretty interesting:


Oh boy here comes another 200 post thread. I wish there were other better QB’s besides Winston and Fitzpatrick at 2 and 3


Stafford is +6600 MVP moneyline?


Inches from starting 6-2 last year with no defense.

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Are you a professor in the class of Trolling 101, or nah? :joy:

Came as an alternate pro bowl qb and won the pro bowl mvp

Beat the Browns on a heroic drive and put the Lions on his back to go 2-14

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It’s not an absurd bet.

He was also inches from 0-8.


9 beers deep, off the cuff… Should have lost the AZ game instead of tied because Stafford gift wrapped a pick 6 in OT. Should have lost the Philly game they didn’t drop the cookie at the end. Should have won vs GB. Either way, I’m thinking 3-5 was the best case scenario. The KC loss ws just as much Stafford keeping us in it as it was him coughing it up in the red zone.

It’s always the Lions fault when they lose, and the other teams fault when they win.

The Lions Hater mantra…I think they make you raise your right hand and say that to join the club.


True… Well technically the Lions were inches from 0-8, just like they inches from 6-2(not Stafford). Honestly I can’t even remember the other 2 games they lost when I say 6-2 so maybe inches from 8-0? lol, but nonetheless, Largely in part to that damn defense we shit the bed.

2014 defense with this offense would be great. We’ll never have that perfect storm.

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I actually think that list is fairly accurate. I’m still a bit surprised Aaron Rogers wasn’t on it. However he’s a shadow of the player he was 3 years ago.

MVP with team record:

2019- Lamar 14-2
2018- Patrick Mahomes 12-4
2017 Tom Brady 13-3
2016- Matt Ryan 11-5 (#2 seed in NFC)
2015- Cam Newton 15-1
2014- Rodgers 12-4
2013- Peyton Manning 13-3
2012- AP
2011- Rodgers 15-1 ( he was 14-1)
2010 - Tom Brady 14-2

So either the Lions have to win 12+ games or be a top 2 team in the NFC. I don’t see it happening.

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I will bet $25 that the Lions will never be above 9-7 regular season with Quin and Fat Pat as coach.

Loser pays winner’s charity of choice.


I will gladly take you up on that. Mostly because I wouldn’t mind losing (more bets should be done this way), but also because I think there’s a chance…