Stafford Vs Tony Romo's Back Injury

Stafford Vs Tony Romo’s Back Injury

There’s been a lot of talk comparing Stafford’s back injury to Tony Romo’s back problems that forced him to retire.

Romo’s back injury was much more serious than Stafford’s.


What Was the Problem?

Stafford suffered transverse fractures in his back.

Transverse processes are small bones that extend from the main vertebrae of the spine. They serve as attachment points and anchors for ligaments and soft tissues. The injuries are painful but do not affect the spinal cord or result in any loss of motor function. They could restrict motion and movement due to pain, however.It is usually a 2-6 week injury

What Surgery Did Stafford Have?

Rest is all that was needed. -no surgery. Stafford didn’t miss a game in 2018 after suffering fractures in his back,and missed 8 games in 2019 with the same injury.

He wanted to play —and could have played—at least 3-4 of those games this season but was shut down. If they were in a playoff race he would have certainly played in those games.

Tony Romo

Romo was unable to start in the 2016 regular season after suffering a compression fracture to the L1 vertebra in his back.

“The Dallas Cowboys announced that Tony Romo had back surgery on Friday morning. He was placed on injured reserve and is done for the season, including the playoffs. The Romo story has been one of the more confusing ones over the course of the last week, so let’s take a look at the major questions surrounding Romo’s injury, surgery and impending rehab.”

What Was the Problem?

Romo had a herniated disc repaired surgically. The herniated disc was, according to multiple sources and reports, in the low back, though the level of the repair was not noted. Given the reports of motor nerve issues and hip pain, it is likely that the L4/5 disc was the problem. (Certain nerves come out between certain vertebrae, which makes this kind of deduction possible.)

What Surgery Did Tony Romo Have?

The Cowboys did not announce it officially, but they did say that Romo was expected to be home on Friday. That indicates that this surgery was done endoscopically and likely indicates a microdiscectomy. This type of surgery removes a small portion of the disc and repairs the herniation. In some cases, surgeons will create a small “tunnel” for the impinged nerve to run.

Others with Stafford type back Injury

Cam Newton (missed 1 game)

Cam Newton suffered a pair of transverse fractures in his lower back in a car accident on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014. The quarterback returned to Carolina’s facility two days after the accident.

Newton did not play in Week 15, but started in Week 16, Dec -21, against the Browns.

David Carr (missed 1 game)

David Carr had the same injury a few years ago.

"The Oakland Raiders will be without quarterback Derek Carr as he suffered a transverse process fracture in his back Sunday. … Carr was injured on a sack late in the third quarter of Oakland’s 16-10 loss at the Denver Broncos in 2017. Carr missed one game that season.


Yeah who knows with the Lions ultimately. They don’t have the best track record for managing injuries. But from everything I’ve read, Stafford should be good to go for 2020. The offense should be good, especially if they improve the OL and add a RB to compete with KJ for RB1. They have a good stable of backs, just need a talented kid to come in and compete for the top job.


Thanks for the article. Nice bit of intel. Wish it would calm some folks down, but it’s not gonna happen. We have guys researching what type of q-tips SB winning QBs use, and what their fav foods are, etc. Anything that doesn’t match with best QB ever is proof that Matt sucks.

My opinion…There are for sure fewer than 10 humans on the planet that can do what Matt does, as well as he does it.


Hanks you for the info…

But I also believe back issues are an individual thing as well… and we do not know 100% of the details.

Any back injury must be respected imho…

He either come back and play or he doesn’t… I’ll still follow the Lions no matter what … my team baby!!


If the injury was to the spinal column I’d be worried.
The Transverse bones are the supporting structure and usually heal in 2-6 weeks. Stafford’s injury had more than one bone fracture but so did Cam Newton’s and Cam only missed a single game. Stafford was just unlucky two years in a row. That reminds me of his first two years in the league when he suffered back to back .AC joint injuries to his shoulder.

I just know with my back, there are days I can jog four mile and then days I can barely walk four feet without high pain and a cane

These NFL players have access to the best physiotherapists, chiropractors, dietitians, ice tubs, massage therapists, cryotherapy chambers, steam rooms and physio equipment…unlike us mere mortals…lol

Yah but pain is pain baby!!


Very good breakdown

Thank you


So it has been documented that the injury Stafford suffered this season was also transverse process? I have only seen an admission that the fracture was in the mid-thoracic region, not necessarily of the transverse process.

Man I pray to God this article is correct.


Stafford is fine and keeping him healthy for a long career was the point. It is good to look at the actual injury to make a decision on what to expect in his future.

Stafford is a SB piece we need.
Slay is a SB piece we need.
Golladay is a SB piece we need.

We desperately need a playmaker at LB, a DT that can pressure the QB, outside CB and another ER to get pressure. We also need a RB! We have depth needs as well as upgrade needs like OT, but everything we need can be accomplished in one offseason like one of these:

FA OT Conklin (cut/trade Walker), DE Jones/Ngakoue, DT McCoy

  1. LB Simmons
  2. WR Johnson
  3. RB Dobbins


FA OLB Judon/Barrett, CB Harris/Jones, OT Conklin (cut/trade Walker)

  1. DT Brown
  2. RB Taylor
  3. LB Harrison


FA LB Judon/Barrett, DT McCoy, OT Conklin (let Walker go/Trade)

  1. CB Okudah
  2. WR Johnson
  3. RB Dobbins
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