Stafford wants OUT ***

Nobody talking about this one? :crazy_face:

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For reference, there are 2 outlets reporting that Stafford is the one who wants out (at this time).

If it’s true, I don’t really blame him at this point. I’m sure he wants to find out if it’s him or the team. I wouldn’t mind finding out either.

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Completely untrue, definitely smokescreen


Smokescreen? As in the Lions are putting this out there?

I dunno man…I can’t imagine that’d be smart, would it? What would fans and teammates think?

Additionally, Patricia was just on camera saying Stafford was one of the reasons he came to Detroit. Oof…

Kelly posted on her IG when the rumors came out about the Lions trying to trade him and she was NOT happy. Now he’s the one that wants out? Bs… It’s another team trying to get action on the QBs


It would NOT be a Lions smokescreen
I don’t believe it but its funny in a crazy way


Ah yes - could be another team generating it, absolutely. I don’t think it’d be the Lions though.

The report does indicate “GM’s believe” - gives credence to the idea that it’s coming from outside of the Lions org. I can believe that more than I can believe it’s coming from within the org. That just wouldn’t make sense to me.

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That might make some sense?

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The offseason rumour mill gets crazier every year
Gives people something NFL to ya k about
24/7 /365


Always a good time :slight_smile:


I just refreshed the Den page and it starts out with…

Kelly is pregnant…followed by Stafford wants out ****

I’m thinking dude that’s how to keep her from getting pregnant!


Now that is funny


Lol … love the sources here …

“Bleachers”. That’s where the author sit as they were kicked out of the main table!

“Lion’s Nation”!! ?? They are not a nationally known team !!

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I’m waiting for the honest reporter who write an article titled “dead time in the NFL: Nothing new to report”!


Washington is best served by these types of rumors. If you want your QB, better trade to 2 to get him.

Of course, other NFCN teams could be saying this just to interfere with Detroit’s trade efforts.


Ya, Probably Rick Spielman, or Brian Gutekunst or Ryan Pace. Maybe JJ since they can’t get Dak signed.

I was talking with Tom Brady and he said it is probably because he is being reunited with Danny Amendola. NEWSFLASH: February 7, 2021. Tampa Florida…LIONS win SUPERBOWL after Tom Brady guides team to lopsided win…the New England way beating out Mathew Stafford and the LA Chargers.

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Hypothetically what would the expected return be in draft capital?

For Stafford?

I’d need at least 2 1sts + the guarantee of being able to draft his replacement for Stafford.

So if Tua is there at say #3 and you could trade Stafford to the Chargers for #6 to take Okudah/Brown/Simmons would it be worth it?

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Send Stafford to Miami for #5 & #18? Assuming Tua there at 3 or do you take Okudah, Brown and Herbert/Love at #18.