Staffords back is completely healed per his wife

Lol she certified stafford

Like, what do you even mean? Doctors are clearing him. What the hell else can they trust if they can’t trust a doctor with determining if a broken bone healed?

I’m glad to see things are getting better for the Stafford’s. I think we all know Stafford could have finished playing out last season. It was wise for the coaching staff to sit, IR him, heal, and take care of the family. That’s a lot of stuff for any family to go through. Hopefully, he comes back better than before.

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There are a few posters on here that you are completely wasting your time trying to get them to say something that is not a complete slam on the organization whether it makes sense or not.

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I know right? Some people just decide to be catastrophists and I want to know why. General curiosity LOL

Well It sounds like she’s been working him out.


Trolls. There are a couple absolute trolls occupying space on this board. They’re amused by instigating others. That’s the reason. There’s no football thought in their posts, just needling for their own amusement.


Stafford owns free real estate in this guys head!

well, she’s pregnant again, so she oughta know;

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Never ceases to amaze me that the trolls seemingly have free rein
I don’t get it
The difference between a troll and someone with a differing opinion is pretty obvious


Posting information is not trolling , this sound like staffords audible to confuse other posters which make no sense to me

Your English makes no sense to me, but I am glad Stafford’s back is healed.

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English is luxury for me I can talk to you in my body language

I can’t tell if you are the original espnbaby or someone doing a nice job impersonating the old one.

That’s kind of what I was thinking, who would know better that his back is healed than his recently impregnated wife?!?!?

Kelly was recently quoted, “Yeah, he bangs me like we’re back in college and we’ve been trying new positions out of the Kamasutra book. So yeah, his back is fine.”

Matt’s back is fine, I mean he carried Jim Bob Cooter for 3 years!

This thread seems to be morphing into a Matt Stafford porn fantasy. Lol. I kid! :wink:

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If she was so honest then tell me what was wrong with his back , that’s the truth I was trying to find as a fan ? Cover up after cover up . Now saying all good after gm shared no details

Why the fuck do you think they owe you that as a fan??? All you need to know is it was broken and is better now…the Stafford’s don’t owe you any personal medical details!

You think stafford knows you :joy:, don’t mess with poor neighborhood fans