Staffords footwork issue detected

Good finally somebody is speaking up to identify one major problem

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This is nothing new! It’s always some type of excuse when it comes to Stafford. First, it was the lack of weapons. Well, he has more than enough weapons. Second, the lack of running backs. He has that plus a solid oline. Third, his footwork lol 11 years in your footwork should be solid. I’ve never hear Cincy mention about Burrow’s footwork or these other young QBs. The excuses keep going IMO

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So his feet are an 11 year problem when just last year (from your own article)

“The Detroit Lions quarterback was so good while he was on the field last season, a top-five QB by every major statistical measure.”


Then why is his footwork an issue? It doesn’t make any sense to me

At one point he didn’t eveg have a qb coach , he was the golden child nobody dared to question . Never seen him playing consistent for 4 quarters in a game . So never understood the support .

quotes taken from

“I haven’t seen anything like concern on his end about injuries," Ryan said. “He’s, to me, has felt well, hasn’t given you any indication of anything else. I think footwork is always, it’s always big for quarterbacks, you’re always working on it. If you think you’re ever done with that you’re probably headed for a problem. It’s got to be constantly talked about. Talked about within progressions, talked about redirecting your eyes with your feet. It all ties together. It never goes away. It’s just something we always harp on, even when it’s perfect we’re going to harp on it and that’s what we’re doing now.”

Poor footwork contributed to Stafford missing several throws in the Lions’ Week 4 loss to the New Orleans Saints and has been an issue on at least two of his interceptions this season.

Against the Saints, Stafford underthrew T.J. Hockenson in the front corner of the end zone while rolling to his right and throwing off his back foot after he left the pocket prematurely.

Because the Lions have had the absolute worst QBs in the history of the NFL. As soon as someone decent comes along, people are willing to make any excuse for him.

It’s kind of crazy that Stafford has lost 16 more games than Tom Brady and 3 more games than P Manning in their NFL careers. I don’t mind Stafford, but some of the posters and other Lions fan try paint him in the same category as those guys, and that is just asinine.

I am just waiting on others who was telling this is his year with no injuries . Now rookie footwork issue is detected at this age . He hurries on everything, that was his problem against tight defense . That nobody will be able to fix

yeah lost 16 more games than Tom Freaking Brady, BUT Stafford sucks…remember, that’s playing here where your leaders fail the team through Staffords career.

Sounds more like a coaching problem to me. Shouldn’t the coaches have gotten him up to speed by now? We’re heading into week 5.

what’s weird is, to me, some of his worst throws so far this year are under no pressure. Does he ‘feel’ pressure that isn’t there? because that’s not a good sign.

and I can’t blame him. he just got over broken bones in his back.

IMO he should retire. He has very young children and they’d probably like a dad that can walk and stuff.

Bearing in mind that Brady has been in the league nine more years

Don’t disagree. Remember Caldwell was brought in to ‘fix’ Stafford and there were stories about how much he specifically worked with footwork with his QBs

Patricia is a turd all around. No shock Stafford has been regressing. He’s not the kind of insanely-driven self starter like Brady. He needs the coaching

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You don’t say ?

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Ya’ll realize you don’t have to take it personally when people say they’re done with Stafford, don’t you? It’s a perfectly reasonable take after 12 years. I’m not saying it’s the right take, just that it’s reasonable.


I don’t think it’s their take on Stafford that’s annoying to some people, it’s when 80% of someones posts are a direct, or indirect, shot at Stafford it tends to get old.

The Game Day Threads have basically become a giant bash Stafford thread, by the same 2 posters.

There are quite a few posters on this board that have had enough of Stafford, but you don’t see them trolling and spamming their feelings about him in every post, like the other 2 are doing right now.

So yeah, we get it, they don’t like Stafford, and want him shipped out. We heard you the first 1000 times.


That’s a fair point.

I think the problem is folks are tired of hearing how great he is and how if he were on a team like Pittsburgh or KC he would have multiple championships.


Stafford deserves some credit. For the winning and the losing. I don’t think either one should be put all on him but he’s definitely won us some games and lost some others. I do think that it’s time to move on. The league is moving towards a more mobile QB that can extend plays. If we are in position to draft Lawrence or Fields it should be a no brainer.

who has been grandstanding behind a podium screaming to the masses how great Stafford is ??..I haven’t seen that.

The closest I seen to it “used” to be JR and I haven’t seen him in quite a while, I have never seen anybody so high on Stafford as he was…