Staffords footwork issue detected

According to your article it’s because he had the least amount of practice since 2010. Which seems plausible.

I don’t know if he has footwork issues, but a QB has all kinds of time to practice his footwork in the off season. It seems like something that is easy to practice, especially with the ability to record your practice and analyze to see if you are doing it correctly. You would think an organization would really want their QBs to keep their mechanics sharp on their own during the offseason, but maybe Patricia doesn’t care.

Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are doing quite well to be first year rookies

STILL waiting for at least an AVERAGE defense and an AVERAGE running game at the SAME time. How many times exactly has that happened in his entire career? A couple that were playoff years? Yet, here we are again with an absolute shit fest of a defense and here we are again with people putting the blame on the QB. He is not playing the best ball of his career. Very true. But if we had an AVERAGE defense and not a total shit fest (again), we would NOT be 1-3 right now.

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Burrow has 1 win against a 1 win team. He sucks.


Yea you don’t hear about him having footwork mechanical issues for being a rookie and his stats are better

If they don’t do something to protect Joe Burrow, they are going to get him killed back there.

The ignore feature, although buggy, works wonders…when it works.

Is it about footwork? Or is it about wins? Want to know the real problem that’s been “detected?”

“The Lions rank near the bottom of the league in each of run defense, pass rushing, coverage and overall tackling,” Treash wrote. “They have allowed 0.18 expected points added per rush (highest in the NFL), generated pressure at the sixth-lowest rate (26%), earned the fifth-lowest team coverage grade and produced the fourth-worst tackling grade.”

But yes… our QB’s footwork… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Truth is 99% of the board falls in between but your hearing the backlash of your own posts.

Why not let the subject be? We know where everyone stands and no one is changing their minds.


It’s funny how they grade everyone differently

Yeah, it’s he sucks because he’s not Brady and that’s the reason, not the worst in the NFL level defense. Naw… that’s just another lame excuse by the Stafford slappies…

no sarcasm there…

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