Steelers GM proposes 3 rounds be added to the draft

I was trying to figure out if it was necessary
You’re point makes some sense but …
But wouldn’t they just draft “priority FAs” anyway?
Seems like it wouldn’t make much difference
They’re going to bring in FAs one way or another

Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it as well.

The teams can still call and sign UDFA’s after the draft, so I guess I’m not sure what Colbert’s point is.

Now I remember, the draft was reduced from 12 rounds to a transitional bridge of 8 rounds in 1993 before settling on the current 7 rounds in 1994. Without a collective bargaining agreement, the NFLPA was threatening then Commissioner Paul Tagliabue with an antitrust lawsuit and that was their leverage to obtain a shorter draft.

Maybe he’s just using as an excuse to get more players under team’s control

I think there are some players who should be entitled to enter the draft. This is in reaction to those lives which will be changed. They have to get that by the NFLPA, (standing limit of 255) part of the CBA. It might make sense to write a letter of understanding giving teams extra players on their practice squads and allowing for more evaluations because those players didn’t have a combine or bowl games to have their interviews. Extending rosters for three months allowing for the larger class to assimilate.