Steve Jobs introduces iPhone

Short clip of about 10 minutes that showed up in my feed today. The world keeps advancing in so many ways, but many times natural advancements are sold as being a much bigger deal than they really are, IMO. I believe the iPhone was truly one of those revolutionary products that changed the game, and was more important to the future of the phone than just a natural advancement of existing technology.

I was an avid Blackberry guy because of work. I will never forget my first “i” device, it was the touchscreen iPod. I was blown away by how intuitive everything was, and how responsive the screen was. This quickly led me to buying an iPad and shortly after that our company blessed us with iPhones and I took off running in the Apple universe. In 2018 I finally made the decision to move on from my iPhone because I simply couldn’t justify the cost for a phone that was several years behind other phones in so many ways. But I am so glad I am old enough to have experienced the evolution of cell phones during my lifetime, and just how incredible of a shift this product really was.