Still around $30M in cap room

…so what’s next?

Was holding out hope for a big trade down the pipe. But as I was really only interested in Peterson and I can’t see Arizona moving him now, that’s all but shot. For some reason when they decided to sign Suggs I just assume they aren’t going to be interested in trading PP. It would still be nice though.

Something is coming down the road. There is no way that a front office in must-win-now-mode is going to roll over 30m in cap space, when there are obvious needs that must be filled if we are going to compete in the NFCN.

It almost has to be a trade, right?

I still hold out hope that its for P Peterson, but there has been some talk in the recent past about the Jags possibly moving J Ramsey, so maybe thats a possiblity…M Jones and a sixth rd pick for J R?


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Why in theeeeee world would you want to give up Marvin Jones?
Next year’s reason to hate on Matt when his only receiver goes down?


Could be the Stafford release safety valve if they draft Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins.

Note: I am not condoning this, just spitballin’

I wouldnt want to give up Marvin, i would prefer to trade draft pick(s) myself. Im just playing off what others have mentioned recently about who the Lions might use as trade bait if they were to go that route… and if i remember correctly, the Jags are in need of WR help…

But, then again, my latest mock might allow us to let Marvin go…

And…assuming Quinn resigns Ziggy and Montez Sweat slips some for health reasons…

#8 Hockenson, TE
#43 Harry, WR
#88 Montgomery, RB


I don’t think that’s it.

Stafford is hitting the cap for $29.5M. That’s already counted. If we trade him pre June 1, it only costs us an additional 500K.

Of course, we could wait until post June 1 and there would be cap savings…

That’s not happening no matter how many times some here ponder such a move.


I doubt quite seriously we get rid of him in 2019. I was just explaining the numbers and why having $30M in space is irrelevant.

The better time to deal Stafford is in 2020. Trade partner gets better deal. We have substantial cap savings. We will have already had a year to coach up the QB we take in the draft this year…

Of course, Stafford could make the jump from 2nd tier to top tier, then we keep him, but you can only mark time with a 2nd tier talent/1st tier price tag for so long before you bail.

I guess you failed at that because i dont see how its outright irrelevant.

The link makes it somewhat self-evident.

If we were to cut him, we’d only need to come up with $500K, not $30M.

Unless we want him completely off the books this year, then we need to come up with $25M. And that’s cutting him for nothing. Why do that when someone would trade for him? So I didn’t look at that scenario. And if we trade him, we’re back to the “it only costs us $500K”. After June 1 trade, we actually save on the cap.

The $$$ is being saved for something else. Maybe rolled over to next year?

According to Justin Rogers, the Lions cap space is around $27.6 mil, not counting Cooper’s contract. If the Lions hold back $10-12 mil for the rookies and contingencies during the season, that leaves somewhere around $16-17 mil, but there might also be some guys going into their last year that they might want to extend before they hit the market next year. Sooo, here’s the way I see it:

They can and likely will draft an RB2 and a WR or 2, and probably another TE and hopefully a IOL that could play RG. Maybe not on day 1, but soon. They could sign a guy like Spencer Ware and cut Riddick as some suggest, but I do think they need to draft an RB on Day 3 probably. That’s cuz they need more help elsewhere that is a higher priority IMHO. Such as a TE and a WR and most importantly to me, an RG.

On defense, they need to upgrade their LBs, and an outside CB, and an Edge rusher. I’d love for them to sign somebody like Zach Brown, which really helps the LBs, and maybe a good enough CB to play opposite Slay, but they ain’t likely to get a good edge rusher in FA. Which is what Flowers is, but another one in the draft would be good.

We’ll see what they do with the remaining FAs, I doubt the Lions will stand pat with what they’ve done thus far. Maybe they’ll even do a trade with somebody, but I don’t think they can afford to be too stupid with the cap space they have left, cuz they’re going to need it to keep some guys on the team next offseason. AND - just because they’ve got money doesn’t mean their targeted FAs will agree to come here without overspending for them. Some say the Lions have already done that; but that ain’t the way to build and sustain a successful franchise over the long term.

I thought you were saying having the cap space in general was irrelevant.

No sir. I was saying that the cap space amount was irrelevant to Stafford’s situation, countering a hint in that direction…

Only guys they can be holding $ back for on an extension that are upfront after 2019 are Glasgow and Ashawn…

An early Golladay extension perhaps?

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They want to extend Stafford for another 2 years…:grin:

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