Stoney lies: Lions offered Kevin Colbert GM job

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Wow. Well at least they are trying.


If Colbert declines, I wonder how this impacts the interest of other candidates?

Only 32 potential jobs, likely doesn’t impact much and regardless nothing has been said officially by the lions so they can always save face fairly simply.


I’d say this has less legs than the Schneider story. Someone makes a connection, talks about with someone else, then voila, we have a “someone told me they offered him the job”.

I think they’re interviewing all of these guys in good faith. If they offered the job to Colbert, they wouldn’t be wasting these other guy’s time. Hopefully Colbert shoots this down quickly.


For what it’s worth, it’s not being talked about yet on steeler radio.


This also may have happened before that first report a week or two ago and he may have simply told them no right away.


Colbert is my top choice, but I’m doubtful this happens. I can see the incentive of him coming back to fix the disaster that’s happened since he left. And with Big Ben likely on the way out, things could get interesting in Pittsburgh.

We’ll see.

If he already said no, then as GreggyJ points out, all of this is a moot point. I also wonder if they gave him time to think it over, hence the delay in making a hire of either a coach or GM.

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But then Sheila being the skillful negotiator countered with “pretty please take the job, Kevin.”

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It’s early in her tenure but I have to give her credit for trying. Reaching out to alumni like Spielman, and Barry, and it seems like they are at the very least leaving no stone unturned, and even taking a few hail Mary shots. I’m an idiot, but I’m kind of excited by what I’ve seen. I guess I’m not that hard to reel back in. :nerd_face:


Agree, but just cause the job was offered to someone doesn’t mean the process ends. That someone still has to accept. If you stop the whole process and get a no, you restart again. Simpler to just keep the process going and make others aware.

Don’t leave all your eggs in one basket.


Colbert could make even more sense if you view it as a build up, mentor, and transition scenario with spielman

Colbert isn’t my top choice. Too many variables, and people are putting the blinders on.

For people who were unhappy and thought we got fleeced in the Van Noy and Diggs trades, how would you feel about trading Antonio Brown, at the top of his game, for a 3rd and 5th round pick? It only looks good now because of his behavior, but every one of you would justifiably think we’d gotten taken to the cleaners.

How’s that backup QB situation looking down there? With an injury prone 38 year old?

Oh, and let’s take a look at the fact that he likes Ebron enough to have him signed for over 8 million next year.

Then there’s the cap situation where they’re currently projected at 20 million over. That’s tantamount to saying, “Wow, looks like you painted yourself into a corner with your own moves, here’s a life preserver, let’s bail you out of your own mess”.

And lest we forget, he was part of the Lions mess in 99 that paved the way for F’ING MATT MILLEN to look like a smart hire!!!

I’ll take a hard pass on Colbert, thank you very much.

This is getting very interesting. Get it done Lions!

From what I have heard the team has offered him a deal and unless Rooney steps in and makes a counter deal he will be coming to the lions.

Thanks bud. I sure hope the Rooney’s drop the ball.

Issue with Colbert here is Steelers have their heir apparent ready to go with Omar Khan - so if Colbert stays, what stops the Lions from targeting this next in line guy? Maybe Pisttsburgh wants the younger guy more - sort of like how Tampa Bay Lightning wanted a long term commitment from Yzerman or basically forced him out because their assistant GM was getting interest and offers and they didn’t want to lose this assistant only to see Yzerman leave in a year or two.

Omar Khan is being interviewed for GM jobs this off-season. So it looks like he could be poached soon and Pittsburgh will want to make sure not to lose both in one fell swoop so needs a Colbert decision fast.

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Honestly, the perceived successor is Brandon Hunt. Khan was signing with the Texans before their abrupt change of mind and going after Nick Caserio. Hunt is considered the one they can’t let get away. There was some talk right after the lions fired Quinn that they could potentially consider Hunt BUT it most likely would be futile as he is considered the successor in Pittsburgh. He is highly coveted.

They’ll let him go if indeed the Lions offered a big deal. The Steelers are notoriously tight.

Justin Rogers just said he has tried all morning and can’t make any connection on the Colbert news. Sounds like Stoney is wrong.