Stop drafting choir boys

This is what quinn do where he draft his boys only .People say walker is the only good player he drafted?Is walker good huh?He is always in the side line getting hit.Name one good player he added to lions?Golloday is ok, why he get praised for just adding one decent player and screwing everything else in his last 4 years

Not going to win ANY MORE with good neighborhood quaterbacks like stafford,matt ryan and phillip rivers. All over rated qbs.Its time to evolve in qb mold of lamar and wilson.Exeptional case is brees because he is street smart and for him issue is sean payton who screw up things in big games,otherwise brees would have won multiple super bowls now

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Taylor Decker - PFF’s 5th best LT this year
A’Shawn Robinson - Hardly a choir boy. Has been a good player.
Graham Glasgow - Also not a choir boy. Has been a good player.
Miles Killebrew - Has a role. Not a choir boy.
Joe Dahl - Not a choir boy. Has developed into a serviceable starter.
Anthony Zettel - Still in the league with the Bengals
Dwayne Washington - Part of the Saints RB depth chart
Jarrad Davis - TBD. Lots of ups and downs, but I argue he’s not a “choir boy”
Kenny Golladay - Massive success. Could be an all pro player for years to come if he continues to trend up.
Jalen Reeves-Maybin - Good value in the 4th, still in the league.
Jamal Agnew - Has a role, still in the league, not a choir boy
Frank Ragnow - Will be one of the league’s better C’s for years to come
Kerryon Johnson - A good player, but needs to be a rotational/backup RB to stay healthy
Tracy Walker - Good player, but has been hit or miss lately and has dealt with an injury
Da’Shawn Hand - Great rookie year, injured sophomore year
Tyrell Crosby - Has shown some skill as a backup T
Nick Bawden - Played well at FB this year (essentially his rookie year)

I’m not going to go into this years draft, it’s still too early to tell but it looks like there are some good picks and maybe some not so good ones, like any team.

So, we see some evidence of Bob Quinn being pretty solid in the draft room here. He’s got some whiffs as well.

Antwoine Williams, Jake Rudock, Jimmy Landes, Teez Tabor, Michael Roberts, Brad Kaaya, Pat O’Connor…yeah - not great picks.

Frankly, I think any GM in the league that bats close to .500 is doing pretty good. I think Quinn has demonstrated he’s capable of that.

So, while I’m calling out your initial premise for essentially being a shitpost, I will give you credit in one regard.

Quinn passed on Dalvin Cook for Jarrad Davis. This could be an example of Quinn opting to take a guy with less character concerns over a guy with more talent who might have some concerns.

I think what you’re trying to say is that you want Quinn to take more risks? If so, that’s fair, but I think I support his tendency to take a guy you can rely over a guy that might be arrested for guns or domestic violence charges a few years down the road. Would it be better to have Jarrad Davis or Reuben Foster at this stage?


Didn’t Glasgow have a drinking issue at Michigan and his grandma came and lived with him to help him?

Did she some to party with him? I’m so confused…can somebody help me understand this Glasgow/Grandma story?


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Can someone explain how the hell anyone has Decker at #5 LT?


PS Bring Back Terry Fair

Lol terry fair , then Chris cash too, was serviceable . I can’t believe we are saying other players than Kenny are good too . Others ones are really bad , that’s why we don’t have depth and what Quinn build is a joke after 4 years , hard to hear comments like Quinn did a serviceable job

I will never forget the 98 draft, I wanted Moss so bad! He fell and was there at 20 and thought no way we would pass on him.

Then we select Terry Fair, Moss goes next to Minny😡


Marvin Jones can SANG! Choirboy indeed.

Actually he’s not that great of what I’ve heard, but I just like the narrative.

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What is this even about? Choir Boys?

I know right? This really is home now with ESPN baby back

weak , childlike , fragile , men that grew up like mama’s boys and never worked hard , done any wrong, and are inexperienced/ fold under pressure INSTEAD of being mean and tough and doing their damn jobs every minute they are on the field in every game…I would deduct.

Perhaps they meant as a future RT???

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He’s regurgitating a take on 97.1 that was much better articulated by Valenti. Basically, he’s saying quit passing better football players just to draft better men. That’s why I brought up the Terry Fair thing.

I get it but i dont think this is the problem