Stoppage at 2 minute?

If i am saying some thing completely wrong , please forgive me

Is it just me or you noticed it too?.I have not heard anybody talking about it

Before 2 minute we have two time outs and one stoppage at 2 minute.

Seems like we punted around 2:10, but delay of game took some seconds and punt ended at 1:58,so
we missed the two minute stopage before dallas offense.

The commentator was asking why the lions guy caught the ball when it was rolling to dallas end in
the punt.I think commentator was wrong there, lions player was doing right thing to stop the play
before 2 minute, unfortunately he caught the ball only at 1:58

My question is why lions head coach didnt ask for a directional punt that would stop punt before 2 minute?

Also why we took delay of game that cost the punt to end only at 1:58?

We talk about executing games and people. Why we no execute? We should execute. Decisions are made. Like we no make executions. When other team has balls, we no execute. When our balls are in play, we no come with bat. Maybe we don’t come. Frustration.


I know it was 4th and 30, but punting with 2:00 minutes left just seemed like it was waiving the white flag. Throw a hail mary…if the pass is incomplete, the results are the same… a big loss.

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I think the Lions were trying to do a punt that wouldn’t have hit the 2 minute warning. That way it makes their offense run a play and the time stops for the 2 minute warning.

I think the commentators were thinking why down the ball when it could have rolled further, pinning the Cowbody team further back.

Even if Dallas didn’t get a first down the way it played out, they would have punted and the Lions would have had the ball with very little time left on the clock. At best, the Lions were not going to drive 75 yards for a TD without a timeout. The best that would have happened is a hail mary attempt at the end of the game, and that is if you get a 3 and out. Why not just take the hail mary shot at 2 minutes when you actually have the ball instead of having to hold the Cowboys to a 3 and out, get the ball back, make 1 or 2 completions, getting out of bounds or clocking the ball after each to set up a game ending hail mary?
Just another reason why Patricia is a dumb ass.

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