Suh back to TB

one year, $8 mil.

I seen that. I think Robinson got more than that, didn’t he?

Good grief, so much talent, so much natural strength and durability. Considering the bull ox he was coming out of college, he’s really gone on to disappoint. He’s not a bust, but he could have been more. Stubborn quasi-narcissist.

Adding Tom Brady probably helped a lot.


A’Shawn Robinson signed a 2 year, $17,000,000 contract with the Los Angeles Rams, including an average annual salary of $8,500,000


Welllllll another one off the board. I can understand why he may have preferred to going there with Brady going there. Maybe he wants a ring before calling it quits. (If they make it)


Without question, his best days were with the Lions:

He’s been mostly just an above average DT since then.


Suh one of my favorite Lions players ever …10 years removed from his combine and teams are stilling throwing $8 - $10 Million Guaranteed cash per year at him as an assassin…Suh is a legend and I would have paid him more to be here this year .


Yeah, I definitely enjoyed the days when he was a Lion. I used to love when other teams would bring their offense out on 4th and short. Suh and co won that battle nearly every time.

I loved jumping off the couch and screaming SUUUUUUUUH!!! I’m pretty sure my wife was second guessing her decision to marry me every time I did that lol.

I loved when he stepped and stomped on cheese weasels. I love when he shoved Cutler so hard they called a penalty on him. There was very little he did here that I didn’t care for. Good times.

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Favorite!! Play…Brings a tear to my eye :cry:


Can’t forget Fairly…You know Rodgers shit himself here … :joy:


As a Detroit Lion, Suh was a difference maker. Since then, not so much.


Agreed …I chalk that up to him truly loving his time here and being with guys he , proverbially grew up with …in his tenure here… Similar in how the people I consider my people, the friends I made early in life, I would go to war for, drop everything for if needed…
He let money and being butt hurt get in the way of continuing his passion here …his post game interview after the Dallas playoff loss told me everything I needed to know about him and how he felt being a Lion and to play here.

He wasn’t a ex Patriot, so no way he would come to Detroit.


:eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant:

So good lol.

Suh couldn’t do this.

I picture Dr. Suehss going green eggs and ham on Tua in some baking Florida Sun next year.

Exactly what I thought he was worth on a one year deal. Oh well. Still need a starting 3t, RG, #2CB and JACK and I’d like to upgrade RB, LDE, LB and RT. It would be very nice if we could knock a couple of those off the list before the draft. I viewed Suh as a Brown type without the top 5 pick investment of Brown as I’d rather go a different direction. I think Golden is still out there and he could be a DE or JACK for us. I wonder how Clowney would look if we could TD and put Brown or Kinlaw next to him and let him go against RT and TE’s all the time. Probably not a great value, but just sifting through things.

CA vs FL income tax…

But yea, that’s a steal for TB.

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Since Suh was a Warren Buffett disciple, undoubtedly true.