Surprise! Jarrad Davis lead all LBs in QB pressures



So think how much better he would be on the outside, letting Devin White thump in thr middle?


If only we can trade down and still get White and extra picks, sweet dreams are made of these. The MI LB would be the backup plan.


Interesting that of the top 5 LB in pressures, four are from the NFC North. Not sure that means anything, but it’s interesting to see. Maybe an “imitation is the highest form of flattery” type of thing? Or just the defenses we happen to be running?


I think its just a matter of the division being loaded.


Maybe we were in a division where the offensives gave up a ton of pressure from the LB position.


Right, that is where he belongs.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone, He has a ton of speed and if he is blitzing he doesn’t have to think as much and can just pin his ears back and go. His problems have come from overthinking or misreading plays, Hopefully he can settle in this year and let the game come to him or we can find a MLB and let him loose on the outside. I think he would be a much better player there.

White is kind of the same player that he is though, I’m not sure if he would actually be an upgrade to Davis especially early on in his career. At this point I would rather sign Zach Brown to play middle for us, He has more experience and his coverage skills improved dramatically last season. I was on the D.White bandwagon a few weeks ago btw but LineBusy changed my mind about us drafting him.


Dude is still improving, and getting more instinctive. He definitely overthinks, sometimes, but is looking like he’s gonna be a really good one. I don’t think we have seen his ceiling.


It would be nice to convert some of those pressures into sacks though.

There were more than a few occassions when Davis would bust into the pocket in a big hurry, but ended up whizzing by the QB by a mile with a simple little side-step.