Swift needs to be the lead back

Keep KJ, hell I’d even like to see a few 2 back sets more often with him and Swift or AP back there. Imo you can never have too many decent backs…and yes, I still think KJ has something in the tank.

on AP 1st TD - 1st drive… who was lead? a FB!

I don’t mind keeping KJ as long as he’s not eating inti any of Swift’s carries anymore. If you want to keep him for depth that is cool.

I hope he’s eating into MP stash … someone needs to put him on a tread mill before they have to roll him out of Ford Field.

I’ve been impressed by Jason Cabinda. He can play LB if needed and plays ST. He was also a running back in High School with decent hands.

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Kerryon is probably worth more to us as the best pass blocking RB for however long his rookie contract is than whatever weak draft compensation we’d get for him.

I agree but it’s obvious when we bring him in what we are going to do.

This has really been true since day one. Far be it from MP to be late to the party.

True, but the same can be said with 5 wide sets, so we’ve been doing that already.

Just remember how we were probably all feeling when KOJ went down to Miami and lit it up his first season.

I am okay with a RBBC approach for a while.

We absolutely should Stick with an RBBC imo though Swift should see more snaps. I’m just relieved that they finally let him run some downhill.

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Agree. Absolutely keep the RBBC, just have Swift at the top of the snap count. Like 30/20/10, Swift,Peterson, Kerryon. Switch AD and Kerryon depending on matchup/hothand.

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KJ has gotten worse not better in 2018 he had 600 some yards

2019 just over 400…loss of 200 yards

2020?? it’s damn ugly.

I agree with Iggy (here) get what you can and add another stud next offseason…!!