Taking a hard look at the roster

Barry, we don’t see eye-to-eye on anything so no long discussion needed here. Yes the Falcons cut him but often these kinds of things are preceded by a player being asked to take a pay cut or-restructure. I haven’t read one way or the other but they are not better without him. With their defense being that bad I don’t see how they are better without him. The Falcons are designating this as a post-June cut meaning thos is primarily a cost0cutting move. The Falcons say they shopped him.

Teams knew the Falcons were in tight shape and they didn’t feel a need to trade for a guy who was a likely salary cap cut:
" Trufant is a much tougher cut. His (injury-related) decline puts Trufant in the bottom-tier among the league’s No. 1 cornerbacks. He was the best Falcons cornerback when healthy. But a large gap had formed between Trufant’s production and salary.

The Falcons needed the cap space. The league-wide increase for 2020 is modest: $10 million per team to $198.2 million. That’s roughly $2 million less than projected. It represents the smallest increase by percentage since the 2013 season."

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There’s nothing wrong in disagreeing! It’s about respect! The way i see things will not always be right neither will your way but it’s it’s about presenting subjective reasons. I will always be willing to admit when I’m wrong. Some folks can’t and refuse to do so

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we’ll have to see how healthy trufant can stay. the good news for us though is that he’s a much better corner when he’s playing a heavy man system. they played a lot of zone in atlanta and now he’ll be i a better scheme for his talents. worst case scenario is that trufant doesn’t play well and has to be pulled for oruwariye. at least we do have a couple solid options if trufant or okudah don’t play up to expectations.

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i’m not sleeping on foles. i’m just not sold on him as an answer. especially behind what looks to be a very average bears offensive line. foles did a great job with philly but the eagles that year had arguably the best line in football.


Personally I’m not scared of Nick Foles. He’s never played 16 games in a season for a reason.

Which Nick Foles will CHI get?

The one who went 0-4 in Jax?
The one who went 4-7 in Stl?
Or the Super Bowl winning Foles?

It doesn’t matter what they do with the roster. Bob Quinn sucks. Matt Patricia sucks. Matt Stafford sucks. The o-line sucks. The defense sucks. The owner sucks, too.


I forgot, Okudah sucks, he is not elite and doesn’t have the athleticism to ever excel. Swift sucks. Both of the the guard picks suck.Undin will have to pull a rabbit out of his ass because he has never been a coordinator before. Matt Patricia is fat. Quinn is stupid. Nobody eise on the roster is even an average NFL player.


The entire NFL sucks. In fact, all of global mass culture sucks.


A few posters need a time out! Off to the corner with a dunce cap :wink: Fresh air perhaps is needed?

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Here’s my very general take on our roster. This presumed good health.

QB - Top 5-10 In the league
RB - 10-15
WR - 10-15
OL - 10-25 (real wild card with wIde outcomes)
DL - bottom third
LB - 15-25
DBs - top 5-10

By applying the midpoint and the average is 13.9 which seems to jive with the general perception that we’re an 8-8, 9-7 roaster.

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It’s funny Slays play dropped the year Patricia took over with his no rush Defense. Was there any player or DB that actually improved with this defense. I’m mean your running this as a put down to slay but it just shows how bad players were under Patricias defense. Every DB that played took a step back as did the Dline and LBers. To judge a DBs play under the no rush defense is not going to be very accurate.


It’s a black hole of suck.


“GreggyJ…2019 Slay was bad here:
" Slay had an all-around bad year in 2019, one that was somewhat uncharacteristic for the eighth-year cornerback. In every season from 2014 to 2018, Slay produced a PFF coverage grade above 70.0, ranking among the 20 best corners in the NFL in four of those five seasons. In 2019, he managed a coverage grade of just 56.9, which ranked 92nd in the NFL and was barely better than his 2013 rookie season. It’s understandable why Detroit might be hesitant to hand out a fat contract to Slay after that poor season, but we shouldn’t let recency bias make us assume that Slay’s 2019 is his new norm.”

I wonder how can you guys take what my Lions says here seriously. I mean if he can go on about Slays bad play and brings stats to show how poor he played in 2019. Yet never mentions the pass rush or the fact that DBs were covering for up to 8 secs. Or the fact the defense gave up a QB rating of I believe like 98 something on the season. And there was a stretch of 10 games were QBs avg over a 100 passer rating. I mean he couldn’t of notice what was actually going on, on the field. How can you blame slay for drop in his play when we watched QBs stand back there forever. And as a defense as a whole we’re giving out 100 passer rating almost every week. But yet no mention of any of that. If you watch last year and come away with our DBs were to blame then I would have to question your football knowledge. I mean if he really believed that lack of pass rush had no effect on the play of our DBs or maybe he just plain missed that part.


I can’t speak for others but I enjoy really reading his takes. I enjoy reading yours as well fwiw. The disagreements, when handled civilly, is where the magic happens.

Slay’s play did fall off. Was it pass rush related to some extent? Probably. I’d bet it has to some extent it was related to him mailing it in once we were out of the hunt. Perhaps someone with PFF premium could post hist ratings in the first 8 and the last 8.

He wasn’t perfectly healthy as well of course. I don’t happen to think his propensity for sold tissue tweaks is going to get better with age but that’s a different argument altogether.

I hope you are right, brother - I’m hoping for more inconsistency, but I do think Foles is a good leader. Cousins looked a TON better, when MN got him (surrounded by talent).

I’m so excited to see what Matt can do when surrounded by talent and an NFL roster.

I didn’t really think they were going to go D-line high in the draft, because it doesn’t appear in this scheme the idea is to generate a pass rush from the D-line and there job is more about gap control. That is just a guess because who really knows what the thought process is regarding this shitty defense we’ve seen. Obviously the defense sucks and needs to be a lot better but I’m of the opinion this teams biggest weakness has always been a lack of run game. Being one dimensional has led to inconsistency moving the ball through out the game and kicking FG’s in the red zone instead of scoring TD’s.

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What I like about the roster construction this off-season is the amount of depth they’ve amassed.
It’s easy to just look at the top-end signing and picks, but when you look at the depth chart not, there’s legit NFL players fighting for spot as backups.
One area of particular attention this offseason was offensive guard. They drafted two guys there, let one starter go, added Garnett (who could be a major sleeper) and re-signed Aboushi and Wiggins, who are both solid, versatile vets. Benenoch was brought in for extra competition.
But this isn’t the only area of focus.
Linebacker and the defensive secondary had big overhauls. This crop of DBs looks way better than last year’s on paper. A CB combo of Okudah and Trufant is way ahead of Slay and Melvin, in large part because Trufant is such a big upgrade at the #2 CB spot. Then you have Coleman, Oruwariye, Agnew, McRae, Ford, Virgin and Roberts, and that’s a deep CB group.
Safety is the same. I see no step back going from Diggs to Harmon at all. The safeties are deep with Harris, Kearse, Adams, Killebrew and Moore (who played all 16 games year).
All the offseason moves point to a 3-4 base defense, with concentration on upgrading the LB spot.
Coming in are Ragland, Collins, Okwara and Lee. Out is Kennard, and that’s about it. Tavai will be more experienced. JRM improved a lot last year after floundering for awhile in previous seasons.
Even WR got some attention. The top 3 are back, plus Hall, but they brought in Geronimo Allison and drafted Cephus for some threats behind the top 3 that they lacked last season. Geremy Davis is mostly a ST guy, but definitely has the size to be a red-zone target.
My one big worry is whether Vaitai is ready to handle RT full time. If he isn’t, then you’ll be filling in with stopgap guys like Wiggins, Crosby and Aboushi (or move Dahl back to OT if he’s healthy and you’re desperate?)
Overall, this teams looks a whole lot better to me.
Health, of course, is going to be a major factor. A new strength and conditioning staff hopefully helps that a lot (fingers crossed), although missing some offseason workouts and such won’t help.
I am cautiously optimistic going into this season, especially with the marginal offseasons everyone else in the division had.

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You still have Eddie Haskell or his alter ego stupid Quinn/Batman running the show. Fat Matt as coach, no talent Pad Statford, never elite Okudah and a useless owner. Add that to any recipe and all you’re doing is stirring a pot of shit.

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“Never elite Okudah”? El Jefe is going to be serving up a lot of crow over the next couple years.

Seems like those are the only statements you can make without getting ranted on by the lion haters. I put it out so they don’t have to put it out. Mine is sarcastic.