Talk about getting your hopes dashed

I was thinking this team was going be very good after the 1st few games. Now I am thinking they can’t dominate a paper sack. Can’t put my finger on any of it.

Their health went downhill fast. I think they need to fire their trainer. Seems like a lot of hammies and groins.

Still…Chiefs just beat Minny without Mahomes or Fisher. Doubtful we could do that.

This was one of those season defining games, IMO. We win this our season changes. We didn’t and the losses are defining us. I suppose a miracle could happen. But I don’t see it.


This team is no more or less healthy than any other team at this point in the season.

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We lack playmakers on defense - we one the first few weeks because we won the turnover battle. Then the refs handed the game to GB. Minnesota played virtually mistake free and we got chopped up. We had two turnovers against Oakland none for and I think we only had one sack. No dynamic plays on defense. We are not good enough to win right now in head to head even contest. We have to make key plays defensively and we just can’t do it.

True. If we didn’t punch out a bunch of balls early in the year, we might be sitting here with just 1 or 2 wins.

Not to mention, I thought we got a very favorable whistle yesterday and it still wasn’t enough to beat a pretty bad Oakland team.

We had a little fools gold early in the year. Philly drops game winner, AZ drops pick 6 to beat us, Chargers missing half their team.

Really? We were much, much less healthy than the team we were playing on Sunday.

You literally have no basis to make this statement.

They were missing as many starters as the Lions.

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Huh? In terms of player’s of consequence Raiders were missing Abram, Marshall and Hudson. We were missing KJ, Daniels, Glasgow and Walker and aside from
that two of three of our best defensive players (IMO) are still not 100%. Carson also may have been the starter at RB If he was healthy but I’m not sure that one really matters much.

So yes I’m terms of both quality and quantity the Raiders were in better shape health wise.

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Its not the number of injuries…its the fact that they are all at 3 positions - DL, RB and secondary.

Wanna take a guess where outlr main struggles have been?

And just the quality of the players that were missing

Lol. Here you go again. KJ did jack shit when healthy. Daniel’s has done less than shit. Glasgow is a solid player. Walker has been all bark, no bite. People here love to over value our own guys. It’s a pretty weak excuse

I’m not making excuses. We made two costly turnovers and lost the game. I was just disputing someone’s erroneous claim that all teams are equally injured at this juncture of the season.

Btw, KJ is by far our beat running back. Daniels is by far our best penetrating defensive tackle. Walker is by far our best coverage safety.

Don’t disagree that health matters but let’s not forget we faced a chiefs team without Tyreek hill, packers without best WR, raiders with one starting OL out and another left the game.

Hard to say “health” IMO when you look at some of the studs we have avoided and still haven’t been better.

Truth is, the Chargers were missing like 7 of their top 10 players when we squeaked that one out, but you dont menton that. Philly was also kissing key players especially at WR and dropped a ball that should have beaten us. Truth is the defense has actually been worse than the numbers show.

Has Daniel’s even played a damn down?? Now hes on the best player in NFL history or something?? Are you confusing him with someone who actually plays football? KJ is slow, doesnt break tackles and is always hurt. Is he the best we have? Sure, but that means we have next to nothing, thanks to idiot Quinn. Another reach on a draft pick. Walker hasn’t done much of anything. Being the best cover safely on a terrible team doesnt mean crap. That’s like being the hottest lady at a nursing home.

The same could be said about undervaluing our players.

Not when were 9-14-1 in the last 2 seasons. Sorry, that means our players and coaches and GM isnt as good as people want to believe.

they were missing more player, but looks like most of them were depth players.