Tampa Bay Tampons VS The Gutter Cat Lions Game Thread!

ALL Righty Then ! It’s a tad early , 12:16 PM here , But let’s kick this off yay game , Go Blue um hey don’t suck Lions, we know your going to lose but hey it’s football. shit I got laundry to do !

Ok, we will roll with the only guy in NFL history to have a weaker arm than Kellen Moore. Hopefully next week we will see Sloter.

Blough has actually been ok for what he is. I just want to see what we have in Sloter too. Would be nice to get the backup QB position nailed down for next season.

I feel like the bucs are going to put up 49 on us today.

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The over under is like 46. Go throw some money on it. I got in on the Bucs early at only +3.5

don’t look now, Tavai sighting.

Freakin Tavai!

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Hmm. Pressure caused a turnover

These officials suck. Block in the back. Something has to be done about the shittiness of these guys.

Thomas should have caught that.

Blough’s decision making is rough.

Ouch. I’m surprised Hills isn’t out after that hit.

Our offense looks like a preseason game.

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Blough should’ve put it in front of him

What a shock…a 3 and out.

Blough stared Lacy down from the start, then threw it to him while he had 3 guys on him. He’s gotta be smarter than that

Wow, I feel like I haven’t seen a LB interception in a while. Good pick Tavai

I guess the game boils down to if Winston can score more points than he gives to the Lions.

He had both hands on it and the cover man couldn’t touch it.

I agree he should’ve caught it, but if it was a good throw its be an easy catch and first down… Bad throw and it turned out to be neither

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The Lions run defense looks good so far.