Say what you want he has moxie !!!

Yeah he is playing great. Vrabel is an unreal coach too. These guys would run through a wall for him… he has them playing with unbelievable confidence. These guys have a sense of belief and it’s because of Vrabel and Tannehill.

If I owned a franchise and could pick any HC besides Belichick I would pick Vrabel.


He has been over 70% completion 3 of his last 4 games. He is playing at a very high level right now.

I like Vrabel as well, but any head coach…not sure I would give that endorsement yet.

Vrabel is next level


Was going to share this with you as well, we picked the wrong guy.

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Last 15 games he has more passing yards, higher completion percentage, three total touchdowns more, and only one interception more then the almighty Patrick Mahomes in that same time frame

Goes to show what good coaching and a talented team around you can do for a qb and his career.