TC Notes and Observations, 13 Aug

Relax, clearly you and I would run the Lions differently if we were the respective GM’s. I have my ideas for C-Level personnel and you have yours.
Don’t take it personal.

Sounds pretty oppressive to force someone to do something they may not want to do… Even if it’s “morally right”

I don’t think it’s oppressive if I am paying him millions. I have a lot invested. I need my full return on investment. If a person is carrying an extra 100 + pounds, that starts a whole cascade of physical and mental issues.

The guy was fat when he got here, it’s kinda hard to bitch after you offered the contract and he signed it. The Lions hired the guy knowing what they were getting. One assumes he or they probably have insurance policies on him in case of one of those issues.

Did a fat kid used to beat you up and steal your lunch? Lol

I don’t think Patricia’s weight matters. As long as he is healthy and can get his work done.

Though I will say, if I had a world class facility at my disposal every day with personal trainers, private chefs, physical therapists…I’d be in very good shape. Assuming I could give up beer for a while :yum:

Just watch. It will start mattering a lot over the next 10 years. He is 45 now and only getting fatter every year. If he doesn’t get it corrected, he will need one of those Wal-Mart scooters to get around practice even after his leg is mended.
He is really smart, so I hope he incorporates the improvements on his own in the near future.

That’s one of my main points. Gone are the old school days where the coaching staff downs 12 large pizzas and 12 bottles of Coke while watching film for 10 hours.
It’s no longer the 1970’s. We know a lot more about the cause and effect of obesity.

Have the dining staff make them steak, salmon, salads, other vegetables and etc. Walk and lift during break times.

Eliminate or greatly reduce the fried food, fast food, boxed and pre packaged foods…reduce the amount of red meat, added sugars, refined flour, fake butter, and dairy.

Add fish, especially oily fish, white meat chick/turkey, whole grains, veggies, fruit, oatmeal, barley… walk more, take the stairs instead of the elevator, maybe add some cardio work, stay active.

Amazing what you miss when you don’t stop by everyday.

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You’re projecting a lot… Andy Reid seems to be doing just fine…

If I’m projecting, then so is every cardiologist and health coach in this country worth their salt.
Coaching is grueling. The margin for error with one’s health as a coach is even less than that for the regular Joe, since coaches are constantly under so much stress.
Patricia should get it corrected now for his sake, his family’s sake, and the team’s sake too.

To be fair, didn’t Reid drop like 50 lbs when he switched to the Chiefs?

Yes, he did. And after he had knee surgery. Sounds kind of relevant.

And he also gained most of it back. Andy Reid at his lightest was still bigger than Patricia.