Teams interested in Slay

Teams have been calling about Slay.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Lions have received calls on Darius Slay ahead of Tuesday’s 4 PM ET trade deadline.

Can’t believe all the DB’s in the news as on the trading block.

Imagine many teams are getting many phone calls this week, about many players.

We should punish Slay by forcing him to stay with this terrible franchise


Why not hey, if we have to take it. What makes him so special…:rofl:

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No thanks. Not interested for a two and can’t see it being more then that. I’d rather have his last year or two of elite cornerback play. Maybe revisit this in the offseason when we have more time to figure out alternatives.

Get a 1 or no deal. Keep him here.

They’re only calling in hope of Slay being a bit disgruntled about them trading Diggs and saying, “yeah get me the flock out of here!”

I might take a 2 depending on which team it is. A high 2nd rounder is a pretty damn good return for a 29 year old CB who has regressed for the past 2 years and will require a new HIGH dollar contract.

I am not in the opinion that we should extend him, in the offseason, so why not get a #2 pick?

As Wes has stated, if you can draft a guy in the 2nd round, get his good years out of him, then trade him for a 2nd round pick, or better, that is a plus move.

Right, Wes?

Slay was a high 2. So yes, if we are done with him that’s a pretty slick move to flip him for his original pick 7-8 years later.

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Really don’t know if he is but but if Slay is playing on the last year of his contract you’re not going to get a second rounder in return?

He’s not , he is signed through 2020 but I can’t see him playing on it . The tag is an option for 2 years after 2020 so next years salary + the tag for 2 years at $16-$18 Million in those tag years …is a lot of coin.

He’s under contract for 2020 too.

If you get a offer of a 1st you take it he isnt going to sign here again and probaly will hold out next year.I love Slay and he has been a great player but this is a move that could be best for both sides.I dont want to give him a big contract after 2020 that would be a mistake as he would be on the backside of his career.Sure there are lots of guys who think this is idiotict but seems like a Bill Belicheck kind of move to me sell high so you dont have to sign a guy to a big contract based on past performance.

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If we get a 1st round offer, I will drive him to the airport and give him a finger wag as the plane takes off. Now, who out there is that desperate?

Do the Chiefs have the need and the cap space?
Can we fleece Jerry Jones again, like we did with Roy Williams?

No matter what he has to show up for at least half the season in 2020, so I certainly wouldn’t worry too much about a holdout.

I might do it for a 2nd and a 4th, but what the hell do I know? I don’t know squat about being a GM. In my fan mind it seems like it would be a good idea to get young draft picks for a guy who is getting older, wants big money in 18 months and will soon if not already start declining. Really believe this team is one more offseason and just a few pieces away from regular contention. A slay trade might give us the collateral to get those pieces either directly in the draft or via a trade at the draft or elsewhere.

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