Teez Jeez Louise Tabor

He sounds like a lost little boy. I have even less confidence for his future here. Its easy to be humble when you cant grasp shit. Still want to be wrong here, but I don’t see/hear it.

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Dude, he’s just parroting the coaches. You can’t take anything from that. Players don’t play with their mouths.

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Man, that is 180 degrees completely opposite of my reaction.

I’m not going to comment on his play… I’m as disappointed as anyone and consider this to be one of Quinn’s biggest black eyes (along with Davis).

But, as far as what he “sounds” like…
He did a spectacular job of answering questions there, showing me an ability to think on his feet. What I mean is; these guys are fed cans of fodder to regurgitate to the locals whenever they’re called upon to be available for media day. In Tabor’s case, he’s recognizing the questions, what he’s supposed to be avoiding, what the canned response is supposed to be, BUT he also gives the guys something with each question.

I know it’s subtle and i know I’m on an island when I dissect interviews and speeches in this way, but… Teez showed me something today. He didn’t just parrot answers from his basket of 20 that he can remember. He processed and responded. I guarantee that each writer there is happy with their time because he provided more personal information than they’re typically given, even while avoiding the pitfalls (narratives) the team hopes to avoid when they’re prepping them with fodder.

Grateful for no down votes here. Like you LB, I’m far from an expert on the dissection of an interview/ Q@A. But seeing his being a complete zero through two seasons on the field, I’d HOPE shit may be finally sinking in. Its not like he is trying to break into a backfield of HOF’ers.


The link above is to an article on Tabor, referring to another article by Kyle Meinke over at MLive:

Essentially, it looks to me like he’s finally growing up some, or at least acting like it, and getting his stuff together. Got a ways to go on a football field though, and right now if the Lions kept 10 DBs, he wouldn’t be one of them IMHO. Don’t know if he has any PS eligibility, the Lions apparently still like the guy but it ain’t looking good for him with the Lions. Wouldn’t be surprised of he doesn’t get another shot somewhere though, in a different defense or maybe as a Safety. Generally, I don’t concern myself with ex-Lions, when they’re gone they’re gone, but I do kinda hope he turns his life around. Might not be in football though.

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Im still holding out hope that whatever needs to click with Teez, does just that.

If if if he could live up to his draft position, our D backfield really starts to look strong and deep.


I’ve been saying that since we hired Patricia. His lack of speed will never be masked in our man-heavy scheme. He’d be a natural at safety since he likes to play facing the QB, and he could drop down in the box to cover slower TEs or bigger slot WRs. He’s not going to make it at CB and I don’t know why they haven’t given it a shot yet.

Too many good safeties on the roster.