Teez Tabor / A'Shawn Robinson

Former 2nd rd. picks who flamed out. Who is the next player to follow this path? It can be a future player or current player on the roster

Kerryon Johnson??

Tavai. He may hang on as a journeyman backup for a bit… but that’s his ceiling.


Can we really say Robinson flames out? I think he hangs around the NFL awhile.

KJ will likely have a shortened carrier as injuries tend to be an issue for him.

Tavai will likely take a similar career path as Robinson does. I don’t think either will ever be anything special.

DT A’Shawn Robinson, formerly of the Lions, to a two-year, $17 million contract.9.5 Million guaranteed That’ :crazy_face:s not a bad flame out


80% of the league wishes they could flame out like that


His strength shows up when he has a competent player next to him. It was no coincidence that his play fell when Snacks did.

You probably said the same thing after Slay’s first year.

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Both were pick in critical rounds in terms of building a team. Thus I mention the word flamed out meaning neither is with the team

The second round has killed us over the past 20 years. I’m trying to think of any second-rounders that we signed to an extension apart from Slay and am coming up blank…