Temps reach over 100 degrees F above Arctic circle

This is 80 years earlier than the climate models predicted.

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Fake news. It’s Al Gore operatives placing heaters by the temp sensors so his hippie friends at science institutes can keep getting rich from grants

I’m especially impressed with the mountain goats they have trained to spray glaciers brown to fool people into thinking they are melting

It’s hard to believe anything anymore. I got to see it myself.

Pfft. Weather.com are a bunch of deep state globalists paid off by Hilarys sex-ring profits

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LOL, yeah it’s all too real unfortunately. We need a workable alternative to fossil fuels and soon. Very soon. We may just be getting a taste of a dystopian future at this moment. We need to cut carbon emissions radically.

I was more optimistic a short time ago, as Bill Gates was working with the Chinese to build safe, affordable nuclear power plants that used spent fuel to produce electricity. We have loads of that nasty shit. These plants would be able to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters and be about as clean as we can hope.

When Trump came in and initiated sanctions against China, this plan was put on the shelf. But it needs to be resurrected. I don’t know the details on why it has to be done with China as a partner, hopefully there is a viable alternative to that plan. I think it may be that China was willing to invest in the expensive early prototypes and no other government or private partner can or will. I loathe the CCP, but we need a solution and quick. If the world was powered by truly safe nuclear energy, we’d be on the path to a sustainable future.

Ah, that’s right. Thanks for the reminder - I forgot that weather.com was in on the big plan to fool everyone.


If true, it shines shows the fact that our “expert scientists” are guessing and reacting only… they don’t have a clue.

And back to common sense and historical data… ICE ages Happened and will happen again if we around long enough. Global Heating Will occurs as well to cause the glaciers to melt… historic ebb and flow… nothing new here expect humans thinking they are in control, knowing they are not and then, out of fear pointing fingers at anyone to blame and hence get a happy but temporary feeling in their tummy.

This shit will happen as the virus is.

Mankind, using common sense, has had some level in impact but nothing we change as a global society will actually change what the Earth will do… we can’t control its cycles…

I really wis all the effort and time was focused on how to handle the Inevitable changes to sea levels, force relocation of the effect population etc…

Not in blame… it’s here; it’s going to get worse imo and accept it and let’s work on making the best of a new, changing world…

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Just… stop. It’s not a natural cycle. And EVEN IF it was we still need to do something to avoid complete global disaster.

Yes it it - how about you stop the denial… and finger pointing

You don’t control the earth… geshhhhh

Last part of your remarks are spot on …

We need to stoping whinning and blaming…

Work in the solution… Like Building raised houses on platforms (Like in Panama) for all future housing with in 50 miles of our current seashore…

Plan to redo highways along the coast that will be unusable in 20-30 yrs

Dude… I know there are large numbers of people who want to reject information coming their way as “fake” but the consensus is in. If this were a natural cycle it wouldn’t be happening THIS QUICKLY.

And even if it is natural, we do want a habitable climate, don’t we? If we do, we need to cut carbon emissions drastically to slow down this “natural” cycle as best we can.

And you “know” this as an absolute fact how?

Yours is a guess on the why my friend… we have to disagree here.

Plan And work on a of Bison of what The transformation will be like on all levels 50 yrs from now - to the best of our limited knowledge and make it happen while still having some flexibility in the plans to adjust…

We are wasting valuable time and human resource on the blame game…

But that Is me!

Hopefully Gates can build the new-age reactors in the USA. We need something on that magnitude to turn the tide.

I’m not blaming anybody, we’re all in this together. But we need action. And not just adapting to rising seas and things of that nature. We need new energy.

Think of cutting down emissions… Honestly - I’m the selfish business profit world we live in… those making money until they die don’t care and will fight to the end… human nature alway waits too long … we As a docotor don’t care Enough… and those of who do need to realize it and act accordingly

I honestly would love it! Why not do it? Worse case in nothing happens…

But, those in power and making money off coal, oil and lets just go with car manufacturers… will fight it to the bitter end…

Hell, why not design one way rockets that take tons of garbage to the sun?

We now know thru testing every inch of the surface of the water in this global has traces on plastic in it now…

We are sadly, as a whole, a society of selfish habits … the few will not change the many imho

Agree brother

Science :wink: