Terms of endearment fun

Whether you love em or at times hate em. We are all Lions fans to varying degrees if we spend any time on this board.
Just for fun, I’d like to ask for your help adding definitions to some terms that’ve been floating around in my head to see what we can come up with. The rules are simple, just add definitions to the terms to define what any word means. It’ll be like our own Lions urban dictionary. And if they’re good enough, maybe the best could become words regularly used here in the Den.
If any other terms pop up, please feel free to add them to the list…
This should be fun and I can’t wait the read your responses!

  • Quinnical
  • Pasqualonial
  • Patriciate
  • Mattatonic
  • Fordified
  • Calvinated
  • Mattrimony
  • Quinndecisive
  • Golladation
  • Marthodical
  • Millenesque
  • Refellaneous
  • Ragnification
  • Rodimentary
  • Muhlbachian
  • Jimification


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I use millenesque and mayhewesque all the time. If things don’t turn around next year, then I’ll add BobQuinntessential or something like that to my terms used for failed management of the team.


Bob Quinn becomes : Bob Quit . Matt Patricia becomes: Mostly Pathetic (MP) .

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