Terrell Suggs released - claimed by Chiefs

Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) tweeted at 1:42 PM on Fri, Dec 13, 2019:
A late-season roster surprise: Cardinals are releasing veteran pass-rusher Terrell Suggs today, per source. The 37-year-old Suggs now will go on waivers.

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Damn, I remember when he came out of college.

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I remember it took exactly 1 snap while watching ASU for the first time to know exactly who he was. He was one of those rare talents that you could put on the game and give anyone general direction of “someone on this field for one of these teams is considered a top NFL prospect.” No team, side of the ball or position needed…and damn near anyone could spot that it was Suggs with 100% accuracy.

This is kind of a strange move. Was this considered a veteran courtesy move, to give him an outside shot of being picked up by a playoff team?

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He will be a Raven by midnight.


You could be correct that he would want to have reunions with the Ravens and vice a versa but in accordance with NFL rules, after the trading deadline even veteran players are subject to the waiver wire. So, in order for the Ravens to get him every other team with priority claim before the Ravens would have to pass on him or every single team including the Ravens would pass on him during the waiver process and then he could become a free agent and sign with the Ravens or any other team at that time

On the old official Lions forum there were some savage debates on if we should draft Suggs or not. Place was a zoo.


I remember those debates well.

I feel old.


I remember a buddy of mine went out to Arizona and went to a club out there. This was around 2005. He said there were 2 athletes there. The first one was Terrell Suggs. He said Suggs was having a great time, mingling with everybody, taking pictures and signing autographs. The other athlete was off to himself at a table, with some kind of “guards” keeping people from getting to him. Just sitting there, drinking and observing, but not interacting with anyone. That guy was Amar’e Stoudemire.

Two kids who are damn near the same age, acting completely different.


I would take a flier on Suggs only because I would like to see the influence he would have on JD. Think he could be a great mentor for young guys.

Yeah. I’m sure he would be a great mentor for the 2 weeks he’d be here .

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Guess I should clarify…I wouldn’t put in a waiver claim for him. Would pick him up after he cleared and only if he would be around next year.

I wonder what the details of the deal are. I believe he got a 2 year deal, meaning he under contract next year. But that might have been a player option year.

If that were the case and he said he wants to play next year then I would put a claim in.

[quote=“wesleysh21, post:12, topic:2860, full:true”]
I wonder what the details of the deal are. I believe he got a 2 year deal, meaning he under contract next year. But that might have been a player option year
Per overthecap.com

Contract Notes

Terrell Suggs signed a $7 million contract with the Cardinals on March 15, 2019. The contract is fully guaranteed. Suggs’s 2020 season is voidable.

Current Contract

Year Cap
Number Dead Money & Cap Savings
2019 $5,000,000 $7,000,000 ($2,000,000)
2020 :memo: $2,000,000 $2,000,000 $0
Total $7,000,000

I remember when you told that story a decade ago. Hated Amare ever since! :laughing:

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Haven’t really met too many athletes. Met Suh in Portland. He was really nice. It was his rookie year though and think he may have became increasingly standoffish going. Seemed that way from afar. He was also home which might be part of it. I think athletes are more well behaved in their hometowns so mom doesn’t hear about their misbehavior and get mad.

I also metMario Cristoball. Kind of like the TSizzle of recruiting. I’m an an unathletic 39 year old and I almost pledged my commitment.

I met Jalen Rose, Barry, Lomas Brown, went to school with Chris Webber, Shaq, KlayThompson and all were nice.

Wow. You met Barry? Very jealous. The rest are cool but I’d totally embarrass myself if I met Barry. Would just be an awestruck babbling idiot. So, you know, normal … but awestruck.

Why? Being a loner doesn’t make you an asshole.

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I’m thinking that Detroit is not going to be his choice of where he wants to play. If no contender wants him, then he might choose Detroit just to continue to play.