Texans v Chiefs

Chiefs DT Jones out today
Expect Texans to put heavy emphasis on run
I think they have a chance
Control the clock, wear down KC defense
This is not a slam dunk
Am I crazy? :crazy_face:

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KC is going to roll Houston

I think Houston wins this one actually , KC is not the KC of 2018 .

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I’ve watched Houston a bit this year, for fantasy purposes. If their defense shows up like they did last week, they have a chance. But I think they’re flawed offensively.

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Carlos Hyde is the key …if he avg’s 4.2 yards or better today they win . He opens everything up and makes Watson so much more dangerous …If they are constantly in Long down and distance is when the offense is exposed …Fuller being active is huge . Build a lead and have the Houston Defense pin it’s ears back and Mahomes is in trouble

KC definitely isn’t as stout against the run as Buffalo, there’s a better chance they can get the ground game going against the Chiefs. I think there’s a good chance Houston gets behind early and is forced to throw it more than they’d like.

What a nightmare start for KC

They were probably overconfident from reading your recent posts

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Andy Reid then puts on 4th down from Houston 45. Unreal.

Wow KC looks unprepared!!!

The bye week been hurting teams it appears

Not so sure about that. 21-0 Texans first quarter?

Never discount the value of special teams lol

Great game so far

Obviously Mahomes isn’t ready for this.

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I cannot believe what is being viewed here. Speechless…

Or not

We let Fells and Ebron go because this staff is filled with morons. You don’t draft a TE when Andrews was available then end up using the 8th pick and way overpaying a FA the next season after watching just how bad you screwed up only to screw up worse. I hate this staff.

Chiefs won’t win, Reid too fat!


Totally not Mahomes fault. 2 drops nulifies 2 first downs. Plus 2 special team TDs.


Yea can’t lay this stinker on PM so far