Thanksgiving " satire"? ;)



In all seriousness. I know the Lions have a bad rap as if they always lose on Turkey Day, but I remember a solid stretch where they would show up and play very well and were recognized as a rough and tough team on Thanksgiving no matter the record. Am I imagining that? Lol! I swear there was a lot of good wins on Turkey day.


We destroyed Philadelphia in Calvin’s last year, he had like 3 TDs. We won against the Vikings the next year, Slay sealed it with a late game pick. We destroyed the Bears a few years ago as well and smothered the Packers the year before that. We lost last year to the Queens, but I think we had a 4 or 5 game winning streak prior to that.


Some interesting tidbits a lot may not know on the history and also a full list of the Lions and opponents over the years. I was thinking of the 90s as a pretty dominant turkey day stretch and after that what a stink fest other then the last few years OMG


Yep 37-39-2 isn’t like we are getting our ass beat every year


For some reason people just can’t let it sink in that we won 4 or 5 in a row. Even my parents were surprised when I brought it up after they started talking about “the Lions always lose on Thanksgiving.” And like 3 in a row were dominant wins, and the Cowboys were actually losing Thanksgiving games at the same time. Some of them blowouts.


Perception is reality…those pesky cliches always end up being true…