That richest-contract-ever for Matthew Stafford a couple of years ago ain't looking so bad these days

The Tennessee Titans have signed Ryan Tannehill to a 4-year, $118 million contract.

$29.5 million a season. For Ryan Tannehill. Who I think is fine and had a GREAT year for Tennessee last season. But he’s no Stafford.


Tannehill is not worth that kind of money. No how, no way.

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well years ago when Stafford ‘was’ the one being paid high , everybody lost their shit, there was a huge argument the debates went on and on along with the bashing. I said “there isn’t any use freaking out because the next “great QB” is going to get paid even more, and the next “can’t miss” QB, even more than that…and on and on…NOW, here we are years down the road and Stafford isn’t anywhere NEAR the top 'highest paid QB.” and hasn’t been for some time NOT that 6!7c#1ng and complaining hasn’t stopped about what he still makes. right now, we’re starting to sing a different tune as other QB’s get theirs , deserved or not, weather WE would ever pay them 'X $ ’ or not.

now you’ll see mad money other QB’s will get handed and the shoe will be on the other foot per se’ not just Stafford’s


Yeah, Stafford is a real bargain by comparison. That’s why he’ll be here a couple more years.

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Wow…lol. go for it. Not worth that money at all.

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Oh hell naw.

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Based on the contracts signed recently, you could make the argument that he could hold out/demand more money.


In the nfl world of contracts its not based on of you’re better than x or y, it is WHEN your contract comes up. Dak is not a top 5 QB. Top 12 yes. But he’s going to be the highest paid. Why? Cuz he’s next up. Anyone believe Cousins was the best to get paid as the best? No, not even minny, but he got it cuz he was next man up.
It’s crazy


It’s almost like many on here haven’t been through decades of free agency and still have no clue how these contracts progress from year to year.

I’m not shocked at all with Tannehill’s contract. It’s how the contract game is played, especially for QBs and stars of the game. You either pay them or lose them to a team that will. You want to play hardball GM and not pay your star players, you will quickly see your team devoid of talent.

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I find it hilarious that Dak is refusing his offer. He’s going to be tagged and make less than Tannehill. I love that and can’t stand the boys and Dak

Agreed. dude is well below average, IMO

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30 million a season !? for Tannehill GTFO of here !

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I bet Dak is happy with Tannehill’s contract.

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Dak franchised and Cousins extended.

Glad Matthew is our guy right now.

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For those wanting to cut or trade Stafford:

Dak Prescott 1yr $33M - $33M APY
Kirk Cousins 3yr $96M - $32M APY
Ryan Tannehill 4yr $118M - $29.5 APY
Matt Stafford 3yr $64.5M - $21.5M APY

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I’d be happy if I was Tannehill. It’s a very nice deal for him.

Tannehill: 7 seasons in the NFL
RS W/L: 50/50 (.500)
Playoff W/L: 2-1 (.666)
Completion %: 63.5%
Avg: 7.2 yds
TD/INT: 145/81
Sack: 279
QBR: 89.8

Stafford: 11 seasons in the NFL
RS W/L: 69-79-1 (.463)
Playoff W/L: 0-3 (.000)
Completion %: 62.5%
Avg: 7.2 yards
TD/INT: 236/134
Sack: 347
QBR: 89.3

Same completion %, same TD/INT ratio, same QBR, same amount of sacks allowed per year…

Personally, I’ve always considered Tannehill and Stafford to be nearly equal in terms of talent and ability. They have different styles for sure, but the numbers certainly backup that neither one of these guys is head and shoulders over the other (unless you’re wearing Lions or Titans colored glasses, I suppose).

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What if you’re wearing statistics colored glasses?

:wink: We all have our beliefs. Doesn’t mean ours are more valid than anyone else’s. I’m no talent scout, by my own admission, but what I see with my eyes tells me Stafford is better. I have not seen near as many games of Tanny, but when I have, he was very average-looking. Perhaps I don’t have a big enough body of evidence to draw from? That said, if it were “Lions-lens” syndrome, I would have liked a different QB before this. I’ve never thought the Lions had a good QB. Also, I don’t like our OL, RB group, Our DL, our LBs, etc etc. Microwaved that for you. If I had Lion-lens syndrome, I would have defended Harrington? I dunno. Just saying, I disagree with you on 2 points…

  1. I feel like I am reasonably unbiased
  2. I truly believe Matt is better

Disclaimer: Every single thing that every single person tells themselves is a story. I am aware that these are my stories (my truth), and it may/may not line up with a lot of these dudes. I own myself enough to know this and not care, but I do enjoy the conversation. You’re a good dude, and I always appreciate it, when dudes put forth the effort to research and post like yours.


Same here - I’m not talent scout and my opinion DEFINITELY does not mean more than anyone else’s on here. I’ve just always kind of lumped these two guys into the same tier of NFL starting QB’s. I was actually a bit surprised to see their numbers looking so similar though. I thought Stafford’s would stats would be significantly better tbh.

Not trying to get everyone in an uproar here…I’m simply saying that I’ve always thought Tannehill was also a good QB (like Stafford) and the numbers do show that, statistically, he’s on par with Stafford in several metrics. Of course, there are a lot of other variables and stats out there, I am just posting some of the most commonly measured stats for the sake of comparison.

Before this turns into a “Radio is just a Stafford hater” thread - All I’m trying to point out is that Tannehill got a GREAT deal and Stafford’s deal is a great one for the Lions. I’d really love to avoid rehashing the “Stafford is god/Stafford is crap” debate. I want nothing to do with that anymore lol. I’ve spoken my piece on that which is - He’s neither god nor garbage. He’s the Lions starting QB and if the Lions want to win they better place a team with a solid run game and defense around him, much like Tannehill enjoyed last year with the Titans.

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He really is.

The way his contract was written was to give us a 2-3 year window at the end to make a SB push. We’re in that situation now. If BQ/MP cant make a serious push this year then I don’t think they ever will.


Miami has always been my second favorite team. In my younger years I was a big Marino, Larry Csonka and Marks brothers fan. In college I wore a Larry Csonka T-shirt under my shoulder pads. I always choose to be MIA in our Den mock draft too. My point is I know the team fairly well and I watch a lot of those games.

Personally I think Tannehill is a far better QB than people give him credit for. It’s knee injuries that have held him back. If not for those Injuries I do not think Mia would have given up on him.

Tannehill’s career has a lot of similarities to Matt Stanford too.

Both are accurate deep ball passing QB’s
Both have had suspect supporting casts.
Both have been hampered by coaching and coaching changes.
Both have had OL issues.
Both are above average NFL QB’s.

However Stanford has the better arm and Tannehill was more mobile. However he’s not as mobile after the two knee injuries.

Personally I think Stanford is the better QB but I also think that both guys are under appreciated and under rated.

If Tannehill can stay healthy I’d expect him to have success in TEN.