The 2020 season hasn't even started but

The 2020 season hasn’t even started but it appears the Lion brain trust has this team well positioned to be circling the bowl 4 games into the season. A bunch of uninspiring FAs added to whats left of last years dumpster fire of a team does not bode well for fans. In typical Lion fashion, it apperas the Patriot magic wore off when the brain trust and his overstuffed sofa crossed the Massachuses border. Luck of the Lions!

Both should have been fired after last seasons dismal performance and a new brain trust should have been brought in and given the plunger to flush whats left of the masterpiece Bob built.

What are the chances these two bumpkins are going to save their bacon this year?? Really??? I’ll give you a hint …Slim just left town!! 2020 will be a waste of a season resulting in one or both being fired around Thanksgiving.

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My weekend will go so much better as a result of having consumed this insightful masterpiece! Love the depth, the well thought magnification of things we didn’t see…the humor…the class…the style.

Question (in Dwight Schreutte voice)…
Where else/how else does this show up in your life? How do you receive other people from this energy?
How do other people receive you from this energy?
Are you “just that way?”
Is it empowering or disempowering to cry over spilled milk, even before the milk is spilled?
Are you building your own energy up, or draining your own energy when you project like this?
Is it building closer relationships with people, or distancing you?
Is it getting you closer to your own essence, or distancing you from your own heart (love, fun, gratitude)?

Hope things get better for you, man.


Hey, welcome to the board , post more often. we all are wondering what the hell the plan is , what will Quin do or rather not do. As Lions fans we are expecting to notably improve the defense and whip the offense into shape with a little refining. The defense is of major importance, but your not going to go from the gutter to the kingdom in a blink…I think most are hoping we rank about 15th-18th but nowhere near 30.

noticeably better will be acceptable .

I wonder sometime if we have a single individual that has multiple personalities…