The Bears almost got Ha-ha Clinton Dix

Cowboys’ Ha Ha Clinton-Dix immediately flees after encountering two bears

Jack Baer

Jack BaerWriter

Yahoo SportsJune 23, 2020, 8:27 PM EDT

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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has tackled countless players in his six-year NFL career. He was less enthusiastic about a confrontation with a bear and its cub.

The Dallas Cowboys safety posted an incredible video through Instagram on Tuesday that showed surveillance video of his run-in with two bears wandering around a house or complex, presumably his residence.

After seeing the bears as he rode past a car on a scooter, Clinton-Dix immediately turned around and sprinted away. The bears soon did the same thing, though they appeared to be more frightened by the hurtling scooter than Clinton-Dix.

A pretty understandable reaction.

Judging from his hashtags, Clinton-Dix escaped the situation unharmed. The timestamp in the video indicates this occurred Monday night.

Funnily enough, Clinton-Dix was playing for the Chicago Bears just last year after five seasons with the Green Bay Packers. He signed a one-year, $4 million contract with the Cowboys this offseason, one of many new additions on defense for a team with a new head coach in Mike McCarthy.

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A mama bear and her cub. It’s a good thing he startled them and didn’t get too close. That could have ended very badly.


She stopped and turned back too. But he was already 3 blocks away!

Funny encounter but that could have gotten hairy in a split second and ended very differently. Don’t mess with a momma bear.

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Here’s a funny story.

While bow hunting about 20’ up a tree. It’s mid afternoon when A momma bear and Her two Cubs comes in and momma lays down about 30 yrds from my stand, down wind of me. The two cubs play around and eat some berries that are scattered around near by.
I am sitting in my tree watching this for a good 30 minutes. Feeling comfortable I deciding it’s highly unlikely I’d see a deer. So I thought it was a good time for a snack and I got out a Sarah Lee Cinnamon roll. One of the cubs immediately sticks his nose in the air sniffing and walks right over to the base of my tree, sits down and looks up begging like a dog. So like a dumb ass I toss it a cinnamon roll and momma then saw me. She charges the tree, starts snapping her jaw. Stands on her hind feet and begins to shake the tree that I am in. She then decided she’s going to climb up and luckily for me snags her belly on one of the steps to my stand. Which causes her to give up. She grabs her cub by the neck as if she is scolding it and walks off.


Glad you survived, man. I’ll bet you really hate the bears now :wink:

Oh man, good teaching moment not to take candy from strangers! Lol

How much of that cinnamon roll did you have left when momma came to the tree?


I would have sent an arrow down her throat the second she started up the tree.

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I found out they love cinnamon rolls… lol

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I had a few. I tried tossing her one but the cub stole it … lol

She wasn’t happy I was feeding her cub and shock the tree violently too.

If you’ve ever saw a momma bear snap her jaw at you it’s a nerve racking experience.

This dude is a fricking dumbass!

I don’t know if you guys ever seen the Meateater show…but Steven Rinella is from the Muskegon area and went to Grand Valley State, he now has his own hunting show that you can find on Netflix and Youtube and such. It’s probably one of the most entertaining hunting shows I’ve ever watched…and the fact that he’s from West Michigan is pretty cool IMO.

Lol I bet it is… Most bears I’ve seen I was in my vehicle or on trailcam. When I was 17 and heading outside for school in the early AM a momma bear and 3 Cubs ran by at the end of the driveway. That was the only encounter outside my vehicle, but 80 yards away and they had places to go cuz they were moving.

That would swear me off of cinnamon rolls forever.

I don’t need PTSD for breakfast…


That’s pretty close to what happened to me. Notice the bear went for his back pack. Obviously there’s food in that backpack and the bear wanted it.

That guy really had two choices. Once the bear made his way up the tree he could sit still and not make any sudden movements. (Which is what they recommend) or he could have stood up (when the bear was still at a safe distance) and tried to startle the bear and then put himself in position to shoot it. (Then have to answer to the game warden - if he doesn’t have a tag)

I’m not sure he made the wrong choice here. Most bears will leave you alone if you don’t move.

At least the bear wasn’t trying to shake him out of the tree… lol

Here’s a fact for you - did you know that a bear can smell food from a mile away?

Funny you mention that… I used to love those cinnamon rolls but never eat them anymore. They just don’t seem as good … lol

But I was a dumb ass for tossing that cub a roll. Not thinking what the outcome would be when I did. I knew he saw me and I new he smelled food. So I thought … awww he’s cute have a roll … most likely he’d have climb up if momma hadn’t… but he may have climb up anyway.