The best Okudah video yet and what the Lions want to do with him

I don’t know who this guy is that put this together but this guy truly knows what he is talking about.
Again, I’m not a fan of taking a CB #3 overall…but this is by far and away the best video to explain why we did and why Okudah was the right choice to do what they want to do on defense.



That was great, thanks for sharing.

Good shit! Thanks for sharing.


One thing that stood out. Our competition is Minnesota, Green Bay, and Chicago.
I’m sure there are certain advantages to playing in the weakest division in the league, but, training star caliber coaches may not be one of them.

The ironic part of the video is the clip that he showed 30+ times is a penalty in the NFL. Every. Single. Time. It was my main concern with him coming out of college and will continue to be so until he stop making contact/grabbing the receiver early.

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That’s not a penalty, I’ve seen it called and not called …that is good CB play …He did not impede the receiver or gain an unfair advantage with his contact, he did not grab him or twist him or restrict the WR’s ability to catch the ball . That is not a penalty .

Ball not in frame, arm being held down…in what what universe do the Lions not draw a flag on that? There’s no doubt in my mind if he does this on a regular basis he’s going to lead the team in defensive holdings/PI calls. He’s clearly playing the receiver and not the ball. I get that you liked the pick, and that’s fine we’re all entitled to an opinion but before the draft I specifically stated this game was the first I’d seen of him, as I loathe watching OSU games. But with knowing he would likely be on our short list of candidates I watched a little more film on him and saw this was quite consistent with him. He arrives early and I see it as being a problem at the next level. I don’t hate the guy, I hope he does well now that he’s a Lion. But I just don’t/didn’t see him being as great as some people here are/were claiming him to be. Does he have potential? Sure, but so did DBs coming out in previous years In which I feel we’re pretty close talent wise and they slid to the middle of the first. Look, I hope I’m wrong and he goes on to light things up. I just don’t see it.


Love the pick of Okudah that is irrelevant to the play at hand …

The back arm is not an issue . The front arm makes incidental contact, he did not hold his arm down… the next few frames clearly show the Michigan WR with both hands and arms up in a position to catch the ball the 5:45 mark of video …It could certainly be called a foul, just as it could also not be called… as it was not here it was a great play .
This was not the blatant, called every time penalty you claim it to be …Close? Sure…
This play or this type of play is not what makes Okudah the prospect he is …
Besides the great plays made it’s the 85.7% of his other coverage snaps the last 2 years (27 games) that did not have a ball thrown his way , or into his coverage that makes him the prospect he is …and the 14.3 % of passes that were thrown his way ? Only 42.4% of those were catches .


Yeah, I noticed that too. I wouldn’t say it’s Every, Single, Time…but that is a play that would be flagged more times than not…and that’s the stuff he has to clean-up.

It was one of the 3-4 plays at the beginning of the Michigan game that involved him where I was kind of throwing my arms up in the air, like where the hell is the penalty. I think the only flag the threw on him was the blatant late-hit out of bounds.

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That initial contact off the snap is allowed in the NFL and Okudah has such good coverage that he’s able to turn himself into the receiver, in doing so the contact he makes is nullified because he’s making a play on the ball.

He’s “making a play on the ball” by wrapping his back arm around the receiver and draping his arm over the receivers?
And yes, he did impede the player as the receiver jumped and pretty much went sideways because Okudah was draped on his left side…not to mention he has his arms too.

Watch this clip, it’s at the time of the play.


Yeah, I’ve posted this before. There are at least a handful of poor plays in this clip, which is just 1 half of football vs a mediocre Michigan team with fairly decent WRs and a weak ass QB with a noodle arm.

Early hits, wide open WRs, several PI’s, busted coverage, gave up a easy weak TD that was luckily broken up by the other CB.

If he played like this against the Packers, it would have been considered the worst half of football by any CB in NFL history. They wouldn’t allow his grabbing and early hits, his busted coverages would have been capitalized on, and if there was a QB who threw more than 15 mph, there would have been even more exposure.

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Oh, and I feel like I need to add to this by saying that if you don’t think this is pass interference then you don’t know what you’re looking at and have no business even talking football.
Thank you!

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The thing is, that was completely obvious and wasn’t even the most egregious PI of his in that half. The one he drilled the guy WAY early was even worse, and also super obvious. He also had the late hit and 3 wide open receptions by some ok, but not great WRs. The first play, the come backer on the sideline and the TD that luckily for him, was coughed up.

Plus the play where the QB scrambled to the outside and he was doing all he could not to have to tackle him. At least 6 plays that were sub par for even mediocre CBs, and that was in 1 half against nobody.

Definitely a lot of illegal contact, but if he’s as smart as advertised he should be able to adjust. I expect a few penalties from him this year and decline as his career progresses.

This is the problem I always had with the PI review rule… in real time, it looks like a bang-bang play that could go either way… but that was played very well by Okudah from a technique and reactionary standpoint (so well, he might have arrived a little early).

But in slo-mo and freeze frame it looks far more egregious than it actually was. The same thing happened to us against the Packers, the infamous hands-to-the-face game. The league came out and said the first one was justified cause some Packers fan freeze-framed a shot of Flowers’s hand grazing their tackle’s face mask after he’d let go of his shoulder. It was literally a split-second occurrence (and totally legal), and yet the league used it as plausible deniability.


This is exactly what I think. I agree w/the crowd that thinks he is a big grabby. Also recognizing how hard he works and how smart he is. If he has enough speed, everything else is there. He will be fine, if not this season, then soon.

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This is true.
In real-time, they’re actually looking some type of forceful contact, which is why they key on on the jersey-tugs and the arms being fulling extended (showing a shove). If the db’s hanging right there and touching, AND the WR is able to extend and reach with both hands, the DB will get away with it. If he chops at the arms or pulls down on it before the ball gets there, he’s in trouble. If he’s glued to the guy and in position to break up the reception, it’s a good play.

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Spot on …well said .This is football , contact is allowed .