The best Okudah video yet and what the Lions want to do with him

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What I can’t understand is how so many of the actual experts who watch every play in detail - your Daniel Jeremiahs, your Louis Riddicks - pretty much universally love Okudah, and yet you guys all seem to think he’s a bum. Experts can be wrong, it happens (see Aaron Curry), but I think I’ll be siding with their overwhelmingly positive views on Okudah. I see what they see. Hell, there’s Jags beat writers claiming he was #1 overall on their board! Above Chase Young, above Burrow.


Then stop talking to him if you don’t care. Bc right now it sure does seem like you care a lot and you really want to insult/hurt him just because y’all disagree. @NewYorkLion is not the next Iggy. But iggy Does makes a lot of great takes…his thing is he insults and attacks and is extremely biased against stafford. NYL has legitimate reasons to back Okudah and stand by it. At least with both of them you know where they stand and they are convicted about it.


100% for real . Your still shot on a bang , bang play is not proof to a mugging taking place or an obvious PI that was not called …it’s football, both players going for the ball . He was a hair early.

As far as Helaire goes …again he was taken at #32 with heavy input from Mahomes …It’s kind of cool actually that they rewarded Mahomes with such heavy input …
They literally asked Mahomes who he wants …I was wrong on when he would be taken …along with everyone else including yourself …it does not change his short comings , he has a skill set that matches KC’s offense …For a guy in yourself Snags… that placed zero value on Helaire because of his RPO usage and success running from it …a team in the Chiefs a top 3 RPO usage team, took him EARLY because of that skill set and how he fit . You need to get a clue .

Reading Comprehension Snags … You are so twisted , you read something and make up your own take on what it means …What did I write … for F**K’s Sake you even partially quoted me (The part in bold)

What does that mean Snags ? It means exactly what it says . It means he sprained his ankle 5 weeks before the Michigan game … Your ridiculous attempt to steer it to mean something else is on you . I could not have been more clear , I even elaborated in more detail as to the time frame .

If you don’t want to be schooled Snags… don’t challenge me.
Don’t post a video of Henderson and then make excuses for his play and then in detail get everything wrong in what you watched as far as breaking it down & tell me to watch it . If you do challenge me come correct, be right, if wrong in your challenge and take … I will shred it …Which is always the case with you. I will respond , you will be proven wrong and you will be bitter…

The knowledge and understanding I have of Football is what it is … It just happens to be leaps and bounds more than you have and less than some…

My knowledge does not get me in trouble, it keeps me out of trouble …

I remember watching Charles Woodson with the Packers covering Megatron. So many times it looked like Woodson was mugging Megatron, hand grabbing and hitting him just a millisecond before the ball arrival while arguably going for the football. But he rarely got called for interference as I screamed at the TV.

What I’ve seen of Okudah reminds me of that style.

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This is true of a lot of the best corners. Revis, Talib, Sherman, Peterson… they’re all mug artists. Watch any of their games in slo mo and you’ll come out with hundreds of screengrabs that look like pass interference.

Yeah, Thats2, I thought of mentioning Sherman in the same breath. While it was frustrating watching Woodson on Megatron, he wasn’t getting called for PI, so it must have been legal (enough). I attributed some of that to the refs seeing green/yellow vs. silver/blue of course…

Here’s the disconnect. Nobody has called him a bum. Some of us think that a #3 overall pick for a guy with some real flaws is a big reach. Some of us have seen guys like Jeff O. in college year after year. Doesn’t seem special in any way. Not unique at all.

Also, Jeremiah is a complete clown. Dude is a joke.

:joy: the irony.

He isn’t a clown or a joke.

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Yeah, Daniel Jeremiah is terrific IMO. Big fan of that guy.

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There’s no disconnect, that was hyperbole on my part, for emphasis. I know you don’t think he’s a bum. It just feels that way sometimes.

And it doesn’t make the rest of what I said any less true.

Bear’s floor is pretty high. I sure do get excited about his ceiling too.

I feel like he is in a weird defense, where there will eventually be a ton of pressure on him, once Trufant is out. I think he’s a friggin’ winner of a human, and will rise to the occasion (that’s what she said)

Dude will be good…Maybe great

Wow. Just wow. What do I say to someone so disconnected from reality?!

For one, what adult says “I schooled you!” …even if you did or didn’t.
That is something some insecure 14 year old boy says while on the basketball court trying to prove his manhood.

Two, why can you post a video of Okudah and make excuses but someone else can’t post a video of Henderson and make excuses?!?! I mean, you’re making excuses against the 44th offense and I’m showing you Henderson vs. the #1 offense in the nation.

Again, your usage of the word “removed” was and is wrong, hopefully you will learn for future use.

Nice way of saying I was right and you were wrong…and still trying to say I’m wrong by saying " get a clue". LOL
It’s odd, when interviewed, Mahommes didn’t mention anything about RPO or that he wanted a running back that was familiar with the RPO. Again, the RPO crap means nothing to no one but you.
I’m not sure why you can’t seem to grasp that…get a clue.

You very much remind me of that guy at the party who tries wayyy too hard to prove to the rest of the guys that he knows football by regurgitating elementary aspects of the game…while everyone else just rolls their eyes and make believe they thought they heard their wives calling them.
You are trying way too hard, my friend. Nobody who is confident in their knowledge tries as hard as you do, they just don’t.

Anyways, this conversation has come to it’s conclusion and I don’t feel it’s worth to keep going.

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The reality is you don’t know squat. You pretend to .

Snags wake up, get the facts straight …
I didn’t post a Video of Okudah…YOU DID… :joy:

No need for me to make any excuses for Okudah’s play, no need to make excuses for his tape …
The fact is, the Michigan game was another stellar performance by Okudah, the tape clearly shows that. Since you have no clue of what good tape looks like , this is lost on you.

I simply said Henderson was owned by Chase when disproving this myth that Henderson was playing against Elite talent compared to Okudah …I said he was Owned by Chase , 2 TD’s and a ton of yards

You felt it necessary to post a video of Henderson after I posted that.
You told me directly I should watch a video you posted.
You told me his performance and stats given up …were not on him .
You made excuses for Henderson’s play and proceeded to break the film down to show me…
The only issue here is you get it completely wrong , you can’t properly breakdown film , you doing so is laughable and you aimed at me . You were replied to and corrected on what you can’t see.
It’s very simple …If you do not like being constantly schooled on your ridiculous takes & when you want to have a moment of clarity …try being correct .

As far as Helaire goes you had him going in the 3rd round as did most you were not correct …
Your take on Helaire and you not acknowledging his RPO usage in college and it being irrelevant in your eyes & everyone else’s eyes is not true . That take by you only further proves you have no clue just how relevant it is and particularly how important it is to the Chiefs
You can’t see it, I don’t expect you to see it . The Football knowledge you have (X’s & O’s) is minimal. You have no idea what his value to the Chiefs is because of his particular skill set …par for the course with you actually

Schooling you is the easiest part of my day, it’s not hard Snags…

This is a good idea for you , try to stick to it…I’m embarrassed for you

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Hold on, wait. Are you forgetting that you’re whole argument against CEH in that thread was that LSU ran the RPO more than anybody else…and now you’re actually trying to spin it as validation for him being the first running back drafted? LOL Holy crap, you are too much!!! Hahahaha!!

OMG, I just about damn near spit my soda all over. Wow, what a hoot!!!

You’re too funny, NYL.

I mean, come on.

You know what I just thought of too? You’re whole argument for Okudah being an “elite athlete” was based on his vertical, he was #1 of the CB’s with a 41.5" jump, awesome…but then you were crapping on CEH despite only running .12 of a second slower in the 40 but forgetting he was tied for 3rd best vertical for RB’s. So crap on CEH for his athleticism, LSU running a lot of RPO,…but somehow Okudah is an elite athlete because of his vert and now CEH was drafted because LSU ran a lot of RPO!!!..Ok, got it then.

On a side note, did you know that I had 3 separate posters message me during that CEH debate, apologizing for your actions and how you were acting?
Just grow up a little bit, quit trying to be a know-it-all, and quit spinning everything you say around and you could be a valuable member of this board imo.
Have a good weekend, NYL.

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Cylde Edwards Helaire was beaten by Zach Zenner in every single category at the combine and in College production . A 5ft 7 205 lb RB ran back to back 4.61 & 4.62 40’s ??? All the hype and how he was the 2nd best RB in the draft are going to change by the so called pundits in 24 hours .- NYL

Have a good weekend everyone!

Make sure to thank those veterans!

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You just don’t get it , you are oblivious :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:
Please continue to point out just how right I was …
What’s sad is you actually can see my reasoning now behind the selection of Helaire and it’s value to the Chiefs specifically …you know Snags, because the Kansas City Chiefs had Highest RPO usage in 2019… maybe , just maybe Snags I was spot on in my evaluation of Helaire and just how important his RPO skill set was to his elevated 2019 stats and why the Chiefs valued him for it.

You are to challenged to see the validation in my stance on Helaire’s value in a RPO system only… That is exactly what I’ve said from the get go …Helaire’s value is not as a traditional RB, his main value comes to a team that Runs an RPO system because his skill set is RPO specific …Evidence of this is his stats that says so , he is not a good RB when not running from an RPO play …

Like clockwork Snags has been defeated and proved wrong again…time for Snags to Que the funny memes to distract from being oblivious and proven wrong .

Okudah is an Elite Athlete because of all his measurable’s and athletic traits …His size & length , his 40 , his vert, his broad jump, his brains …He is a damn near Jalen Ramsey clone …

Spin it Snags …On a side note …Hahahahahahha they apologized to you… for my actions ? … GTFOH

It’s you that needs to grow up…stop flagging posts , stop crying to Mod’s , stop asking for more verbal beat downs on your points…especially when you look so silly trying to establish one.

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You might be right that the Chiefs picked CEH because of his familiarity with the RPO but Reid, Mahommes, or Veach haven’t said anything to confirm that or even mention RPO, so… You’d think that by now someone would have said, “Yeah, his familiarity with the RPO was why we thought he’d be a good fit”…or something to that nature. You’ve not provided anything that any of those guys have said that.
Veach told Reid to watch CEH because he reminded him of Brian Westbrook. And if you remember, your other reasoning against CEH was that LSU ran inside zone 70% of the time…again, that didn’t really seem to matter, eh!!!
The RPO might be an underlying reason but it doesn’t look like it was a huge factor or someone would have said exactly that. And again, you say PFF is trash…but then now it’s your “proof.”

Again, you said CEH was a product of the system (RPO) and that is why “no one would be banging on the table for him”…and you said Dobbins was perfect for the Lions offense and neither were true…at least the Lions and Chiefs front office didn’t agree.

Yeah, true story. I can copy and paste what they said but I’m not going to tell you who they were without their permission as they messaged me personally, had they wanted it to be public they probably would have just put it in that thread. But there were a few guys who wrote right in that thread why they avoid you, you can go back and look them up yourself.

This conversation is just another good example why I try to avoid you. Even when I prove you wrong, you just spin it, and try to make believe you still won…and it’s really not a competition to me, I just don’t agree with most of what you say (some things I do agree with) and show you why…and in the case of CEH, he was the 1st RB taken and you were the biggest proponent in that “Banging the table for CEH” thread, you stood on your soapbox and went on and on trying to discredit him and disprove why he was a decent RB. I’d have to go back but I think you said you didn’t even have him in your top 10 RB’s.

Anyways, I’m out. Time to go load one of the boats up and do some fishing. I’m loving this weather.

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See I was thinking VLG