The Bottom Line: "Good teams overcome . . . ?"

The idea that “good teams overcome” bad officiating/fill in the blank, ultimately boils down to: It isn’t enough to outscore and outplay an opponent, but to outscore and outplay them by a margin of > 1. It’s BS.

Not saying that bad officiating, without malice, and/or bad breaks are not a real or valid thing, but that to sweep it under the all encompassing “good teams overcome x” rug is just turning a blind eye to simple reason and fairness.

Ok. It’s officially off my chest :wink:

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I do think over the season they tend to. Within a game like Monday’s? Probably not. I mean what’s to say if we made a big play they wouldn’t come up with another penalty.

The Bad Boys of the 80’s had to be so good as to overcome both the Celtics/Sixers/Lakers and ALSO the refs. But I still don’t like that phrase. The reality is the lions did enough to win…THIS game was not the eagles game where the Lions played hard but required the assistance of the Eagles to seal the game. The lions had a 9 point lead and and the refs literally gave the Packers 10 points. These calls weren’t on 1st down and lots of speculation as to what happens on the next few downs. We knew what was going to happen a punt on 4 and 21 and a fg on 4th and 5 where we get the ball back w 1:25ish down one with prater kicking bombs from 54 yards out. Gee i sound like a broken record this week lol.

I would also add the Seahawks “batted ball” game to another one that was “different.” Yes, the correct call wasn’t made…in fact it was purposely not made by the crew (because we all know they aren’t THAT dumb). But in the grand scheme of things, while it should have been called, we were really asking for the refs to bail us out. We legit fumbled the football at a crucial moment, and the batted ball rule was just a convenient technicality that would have been nice to get. It didn’t LEAD to us losing the game the way the series of calls did in the Packers game.


You can’t overcome a bad call that allowed the game to run out without any way of stopping it.

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I would say there we butt load of bad calls that lead them to points or didn’t give us a chance to kick a FG.

  1. The holding call, yet Graham fell. Lead to a TD, cause we had 12 men on the field, but again they wouldn’t even gotting chance for 3 with the non holding call on us.
  2. Personal foul. Never was.
  3. The catch by Johnson. They called it catch, don’t see how it wasn’t a catch.
  4. The hands to face that lead to a TD
    5 no PI
    6 another non flag on the hands to face, yes they would’ve kicked the FG, but would’ve gave us a chance of winning the game.
  5. Yes we kicked 5 FGs, but 2 were from 50 yards out, BTW they kicked 3.
  6. 3-0 in turnovers.
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Bullshit! In the NFL, good teams get the calls!