The choice at three

So, I know we discuss draft topics over and over, but going over the options as the draft board develops is helpful to clarify our opinions. For instance, I would like to hash out some options for three overall.
A.) Stand pat and make our choice.
1) Chase Young DE
2) Jeffrey Okudah CB
3) QB of choice
4) OL of choice
5) Derrick Brown DT

B.) Trade down and make our choice
1) With Miami for any combination of picks, my choice would be 5 and 18, if we trade Slay to them we should get 5/18/26. 26 for Slay.

I tried to put them in order for if we stay at three. And I only suggested Miami because I would like to get one of Chase Young, Jeffrey Okudah, Derrick Brown or Simmons. What say you.
There are too many permutations. If you asked for a perfect scenario we could trade down to 005 and still draft Young while getting 005/018/026 without trading Slay. That won’t happen.

Going to stay at three:
We’ve read the Lions don’t want a star, they want a team player. Frankly, nobody on this forum knows that. Most of us think he’s gone at two. I personally believe, they run to the podium and don’t even take a phone call.

Then if Young is gone they field trade offers and decide if Okudah, a QB, Brown or an OL is going to be targeted at three or they make the small trade down.

I think I’d prefer Okuda at this point. Especially if we keep Slay.
Okuda and Slay already have a connection and Okuda wants to play with Slay.
If we don’t keep Slay?
We will need him worse, but, I’m not sure he will be as happy to be here. Might be better off with Young or Brown?

I like Okudah in a trade down only AND if we keep Slay. Swapping players is not smart rebuilding.

Still like Brown, if no trade partners.

The entire idea is the situation is somewhat muddled. Will we retain Slay? Will Young fall to three? Do we like a QB? Is Simmons too good to pass? Is DT a bigger need?

Really, other than taking Chase Young at No. 3 if he was here or trading down with Miami to No. 5 for a couple of picks, it’s hard to say what the Lions should do at this point.

If they sign DJ Reader or Javon Hargrave to play NT-DT, and if they sign CB Chris Harris, the dynamics certainly become a little different.

There are a lot if guys in the top 60 I like. Really want more picks. Trade down with Miami and maybe trade down again for even more picks. I think the extra picks are worth having to settle for a Kinlaw or Wirfs with our first pick. Grab the CB from Clemson or Diggs from Bama in the 2nd. Have extra picks to take Dobbins and Mims. Lots of talent out there.


We really don’t know what we really need till that #3 is on the clock. We might fill all holes on DL in FA. We might fill all holes in our secondary in FA.

We really don’t know what would be best till that day really comes.

True but I’d say the chances are most fans won’t like the pick.

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A perfect example of that would be OT Tristan Wirfs at either No. 3 or 5.

If Young is there, you sprint to the podium at 3.

If not TD with Miami to 5 and if Okudah is there take him.

If Okudah gets taken before he falls to 5, try to trade down further for Brown/Kinlaw/Becton/Wirfs/Simmons.

If we do TD because Washington takes Young, then use some ammo to trade back up into the late first for Gross-Matos.

I like Hargrave a lot but I think he’s more A’Shawn with a little more pass rush than NT and would take him to replace Robinson. We need more beef at NT like Shelton IMO.

I’m for a trade down with Miami as much as anyone and they might sweeten it a bit to accomplish their goals. Trading their #5 pick plus #39 for #3 is “fair”, and I wouldn’t push for too much beyond that because that trade would be so valuable to the Lions in their unique position. If BQ gets that plus a fourth round pick, he’ll be in the running for executive of the year…

They should be able to get 26 because there are 1-3 other viable suitors for the 3OA, 2 that have multiple first round picks this year also. Not getting 26 is an indictment of Quinn’s ability, IMO.

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I like Hargrave and I think he’s be an upgrade over A’Shawn.

Shelton feels like a player we would target. Especially with his NE connection.