The closest you came to ditching this pathetic franchise?

The NFL lost me in NOLA, January 2011.
They doubled down in Dallas, and tripled in Green Bay, January 2015.
Now it’s the WWE. Just a show.

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On Jan 1 2017,we were all set to win division at ford field in the last game against packers .Little pass rush and Stafford stumbled.This was a life time opportunity at home to win a division ,we had a good team, but stafford cant read aggressive defenses,that was my low moment

I think some football players care more than others.

Brady, for example, is driven to win.

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I think the NFL and the mob care more than any player!

The NFL will not exist in ten years. These guys and the entitled lives they lead with gigantic egos no longer appeal to the general public…Anthony Brown, Aaron Rodgers, Leveon Bell. They all make me sick.

So why do you watch?

I watch the game, not the individuals. The individuals sicken me.

Anybody else watch the Vikings on History?
Yeah, I’m always trying to figure out what Ivar is going to do next? Right now, I can’t imagine what Bjorne is going to do next? It’s fun.

LOL oh okay. :roll_eyes:

Ummmm…ok. Don’t bet the house…because, you will on 10 years (or 1 or 2) be able to bet the house.


I can’t remember what year it was all I remember is I was fed up I took them way to seriously. I decided I had enough I was going to be a Colts fan. I had direct tv so I turned on the Colts game and watched Payton Manning get his neck broke! I thought I can’t do this what did Payton ever do to me? So if your out there Payton I’m sorry it was nothing personal.

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After the Jets game this year my daughter called me and asked if we were Colts fans again!


Yeah, I do too. I think we are going to have a fantastic draft and some value based free agent signings.

What gives you that impression, out of curiosity?

Because I think Patricia has a really good eye for talent for his system.
And I think our scouting staff has been upgraded from just two years ago. Based on what I had read.

Unfortunately, his system doesn’t seem to include scoring points on offense.

Call me crazy, but I’m really scared of what this offense is going to look like next year without Tate.

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you is crazy.

When you’re starting off so low, there’s really only one way to go.

Tate mattered a lot, but losing him mid-season while also losing other starters to injury is a lot to ask any team to overcome. Knowing how to build the roster over the summer will have us in a better spot than losing the #1 playmaker on offense mid-season.

A Lions fan optimistic for the next season? Imagine that!:rofl:
It occurs to me that we may not be the sharpest tools in the shed.

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Unless missed, surprised it hasn’t been mentioned. This had me bail on the team and wash my hands of them. Luckily I came back in time for Murray’s “Wide right!” moment. Buts thats another tear for another day.

The draft of Billy was the finishing touch. The defense was one of their best and they started 4-0. Then came the song, " Another One…" , and shit hit the fan, going 5-7 and finishing 9-7 to miss the playoffs. This is when I quit my season ticket holder statis and burned my Baker uni…

Good times!

I cant pick just one time, there have been so many…i got to a point that i wouldnt waste my Sundays watching this team live anymore. I started recording the games as soon as i figured out how to program a VCR. In fact, the VCR probably saved my sanity, it definitely saved me from walking away from this team altogether…go about my Sunday, check in later to see if watching the game was worth it, and stay in a good mood all day.

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