The closest you came to ditching this pathetic franchise?

My kids will tell you (and anyone that will listen) about the times the Jersey, or jacket came off my back and thrown in the trash along with every piece of memorabilia that I owned. Luckily, I never did buy that silver van and put the Honolulu Blue (helmet) stripes on it, like I wanted to.:rofl:

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I told my children to pick another team, dad was from Detroit so I was all in then. If you tell yourself it’s for entertainment purposes only, it fixes a lot that is wrong.


In 2006 after we lost to Joey Harrington and the Dolphins on Thanksgiving. I tried rooting for some other teams, but it never felt right. People talk about “wins and losses” don’t feel the same if its not the Lions…but for me the way I feel about every single play is different. I promise you I got more sheer joy out of watching Dre Bly run a fumble back for a touchdown early in a game that we ended up getting blown out 35-7 or something like that…than these bandwagon, fly by night fans have watching “their teams” win the Super Bowl. I get more joy out of a Lions 3rd down stop in a meaningless game than other fans get making the playoffs.

The 2006 season is when I hit rock bottom, but it put me in a much healthier place overall. At one point I would “live and die” Michigan State football (my alma mater). Then we lost to LA Tech with McCown at QB and that game/season also put me in a better mindset. Now my highs are still really high, but since I don’t really have expectations my lows are not very low…and the few times they are its really brief (like minutes). In short I’m in a place with both the Lions and the Spartans where I can enjoy the wins as much as I always have but the losses don’t really bother me anymore.


I feel ya, bro.

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Never. I bleed blue. And I expect the lions to fail. Fail always. And sometimes spectacularly.

It’s a little like the kids book, ‘the little little engine who could’ Only they (the lions) couldn’t and can’t…ever…

The lions will never be winners. But I’m ok with that. Being a fan is like a zen meditation. Frustration, glory, disappointment, anger…it’s all an illusion anyway. But there is always hope

But realistically here’s what’s going to happpen:

Ed Oliver will be DROY. Hockenson will be injured by week three and on IR by week 10. Then he will have a few more decent years prefaced every spring by feel-good wanker articles about how good he feels

Stafford will continue to suck salary cap and performing his usual inconsistent middling self while on the board here most will blame Bevell and his ‘predictable offense’

We will be ranked in the mid 20’s for our defense and also in offense. We will finish the season 6-10 and the calls for Patricia’s head will start


Put me in the never category.

Sundays (or whenever the Lions are on) are appointment viewing and I always been able to schedule my free time on the weekends around watching the games. I have maybe missed watching a Lions game live (in person or tv) maybe 2 or 3 times tops since I graduated from college in 98 and that was when I was in another country where I couldn’t get the game. That might sound like I am a true homer, but I will rip this franchise, players and coaches alike, when I feel they are not doing their job unlike the sheep on FB and Twitter.


The fucking jets game this year.

Patricia spent a lot of Patriots Way capital about being the smartest guy in the room, snarkily at times…



He should have paid back his salary he collected to that point out of pure shame.

Biggest slice of Humble Pie with a side of STFU served since Dewey Defeats Truman…


Yeah, Weasel, he found out in a hurry that Matt Stafford is not Tom Brady.

I mean, in 2010, Brady threw 4 picks THE ENTIRE SEASON. Then again, Brady threw 4 picks against Buffalo in the opener in 2003. But then went on to win the SB that year.

Not sure it’s all that fair (but feel free to ignore me on this) to judge Patricia so harshly on his first day at HC. He did beat the Patriots 2 games later and they were the SB champs. And it took Schwartz 4 years to build the killer D. Mayhew and Caldwell f’d up the D pretty bad. It’s going to take a while get it right again.

I think I mentioned this in another thread, but in 2008, after the Lions fell to 0-3 with their third straight blowout loss, dropping Matt Millen’s record to 31-84 with seemingly zero accountability, I was on my way to divorcing this team. And I really think I would have been able to do it.

Then Bill Ford Jr. threw us a lifeline, and shamed his clueless father into firing Millen.


It was hard to not walk away when 0-16 happened…seriously , but I thought 'hey I’ve been through it all so far since I was five years old…so why quit now?


read with either a British accent or The Brain from Pinky and the Brain

“My affair with the Leo’s began innocently enough. The year was 1987 and I was enjoying a budding relationship with my new found love and while innocuous at first, I was transfixed by her beauty her allure but, over time, I became more and more aware that my new muse, dear to me as she was, was not, it would be revealed, as wholesome as she had first appeared.
It would seem that my faithfulness in her every week would be met with yet a new heartache, fraught with one misadventure upon another as she found ever more creative and imaginative ways to lose, and by doing so stab me to the quick. While distraught at first, I brushed aside the anguish and renewed my allegiance to her each and every Sunday.
But, like a siren luring me to the depths I was transfixed, having been granted the elixir of hope only to have those moments dashed before my very eyes, stolen as by a thief in the night. Yet again and again, there I was, reaffirming my attention, once again lavishing attention upon her.
I found myself over time beginning to not only steele myself to the discomfort but to begin enjoying the affliction cast upon me week by blessed week. I had heretofore become an addict but yet did not yield to the thought, only longing for the pain, knowing full well the next fixation was but a short week away.
Oh the pleasurable agony, as runs were obliterated, passes were fumbled to the opposition, field generals scampered out of the endzone, and sure fire touchdowns left hanging, hanging ever so precariously at the one yard line time and time again. Oh Lions you were so sweet to me, feeding my delinquent state as the replay booth debated over and over as to whether it be found yay or nay that a knee be found upon the imitation soil. I was quivering with anticipation, sweat pouring from my brow nearly as fast as the lager passed between my lips. Please announcer! Please! I can wait no longer you foul fiend! But alas… is that yet another angle that they had not forseen? A dangling chad of evidence not yet revealed? Please oh please Lions why must you torment me so! Just when it seemed I could not satiate the intolerable any longer… release…oh such euphoric release, sweet agony incarnate, straight to the marrow, driven deep, deep to the very core. Not certain if it were from the imbecilic, lackluster, dirtlot play calling as it was by the men in striped blouses playing god with my hopes and fears. Tell me oh man under the hood, reveal to me the portent whether it be good or foul. As the capped man materialized from under the tarpaulin it was I who was once again disappointed… His knee was thusly down, brushing ever so gently on but a few blades of counterfeit grass. No touchdown, again effortlessly snatching defeat yet once more from the jaws of victory…
Well done chaps, well done my dear same old felines. We shall meet again next week for our usual foray into the abyss… take care lads, do so take care…”

Glad those days are behind us with Quinn and Patricia fingers crossed

The flag picked up in Dallas was what almost turned me away from the NFL entirely but as it would seem. I’m addicted. The Lions are the Lays potato chips of the NFL and I can’t get enough of em.

Is it possible to sue the Lions for liver damage?

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I’ve never come close to “ditching” them. Buuuttt, for the first time since I’ve started watching the team I guess I felt apathetic towards the team. It was last year during the Jets game in the 4th quarter. I’ve been watching religiously since 96/97’ and last year was our 4th year of season tickets… to sit there in Ford Fueld and know the whole season was done after 3 quarters of football was hard to stomach. It almost ruined the rest of the season for me. It was hard to watch them with any enthusiasm after that game.


I’ve never come close to ditching them, but last year was the farthest I’ve distanced myself from giving a shit. It’s truly not as much fun to watch as background noise, when you don’t care, but last year I’d have been suicidal if I didn’t . LOL.

After the Jets/jest game, I told my people “We’re the Browns, now!” I was pissed! I’d never leave them entirely, but taught myself not to have as much emotional investment, last year.

This year - I’m back, and I believe this thing truly is headed in a great direction. I am behind Quinn and Patricia. I think this team will have a nasty defense, now. I feel it’s going to take a little luck with OL to have a good O.

Hoping for a 15-20 ranked offense, with a top 3 defense, this year.


We are winning the division this year. Bank on it.


I’m liking our chances better, daily!

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Ok. Can we use your bank?

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Hello all its been a while! To be honest I use to be on the boards everyday. Never miss a game. Watch every game of 0-16. I could handle being bad but when we got cheated out of the playoff victory against Dallas I just couldn’t take it. I’ve support the NFL etc for years and terrible Lions teams but cheated out of a playoff game after all the years of being bad really killed my love for the game. I realized the Lions will have to beat the other team and the refs and when a game decide by 7 pts or less its almost impossible. Everytime I start to get wrapped up again games like Atlanta happen to remind me. I still love the Lions and watch most games but I can miss games and dont spend near the time or energy on the nfl.


0-16…I damn near called it quits, but the not being able to run worth a $#!7 for ten years is unforgivable…and picking up mostly scrubs that couldn’t run ticked me off to…in 2019?? I’m more hopeful for this RB unit… ah we have 3 good to decent WR’s we need a sure 4th.

The other thing that get’s under my skin is the back up QB situation…it’s is and has been weak . Lombardi Gate was an embarrassment when an 80 year old woman has to march down and fire 4-5 guys…I was fighting the urge to move to a different team to cheer for.

The only thing that stopped me was the fact that I’ve been eagerly watching The Lions since I was 5 years old…here I am 41 years later.

I was unable to truly and completely ditch the Lions over the years, albeit not for the lack of trying… several times.