The Colts got it done

I think our problem was that we didn’t put a spy on Mahommes and he extended some drives with his legs, maybe they did, that would have been smart on their part.

Hahahah, I didn’t see your post…and that was exactly what I was saying. I liked Reich and said he’d be a great HC but the Colts copied our gameplan defensively and now he’s some kind of genius and Patricia sucks. I don’t think we had enough DB’s to do what the Colts did.

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I just bet the Colts to win the AFC at 18-1. I’m a believer.

Well, the betting sites have to pay their electric bill with something, they thank you for your donation.


Top to bottom the Colts have the best AFC roster. They are going to be a major factor in the playoffs. There were a lot of analytics dating back to 2017 that pointed to the Colts being on a major upwards trajectory. Frank Reich is a coach who plays to win. He is not there to “not lose” which is how 85% of NFL coaches operate.

The Chiefs and Pats have flaws. This is the team that can challenge them. I’ve felt this way for awhile. How they handled the Chiefs did not surprise me in the slightest.