The Dating Game meets the 2020 Draft 🤣

The 2020 draft meets The Dating Game! These are the guys I’m looking for Quinn and Patricia to “woo” come April :rofl: whatcha think guys? I apologize in advance for the puns lol

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Would have gone over better in a bikini. Pretty clear choices. Did I mention the bikini angle.


Something so incredibly hot about a woman talking football and the Draft…marriage material .

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More rare type bird is the woman who is a Lions fan. Daddy’s girl if I am not mistaken and he started on her early. Not a bad thing.

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Fun and funny stuff, Rache!

Love your creative presentation of this stuff!

Hoping we somehow end up w/Brown (trade-down scenario would be ideal)


Another funny video. I liked the puns too. lol

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If you were a QB I’d sack ya!

Sorry but you started it… lol

Nice video post more often.

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Be seeing you on the pre-game shows soon.


Nice video, but what about Thomas?

Hope so!!!

Hahah was hoping they’d go over well :rofl: thank you!

Thanks Rocky! Trying to keep it up beat, but still informational

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Bikini, or no bikini, I am not complaining. Thumbs up.

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Nice. Is there a Mr…ok, never mind. Just a quick observation, Epenesa wasn’t a full time player until this year and his game suffered at the beginning, I see a similar fate if he gets pushed into that role in the NFL.

Valid point. I’m not gonna lie, everyday I like someone different a little more. It’ll be interesting to see what BQ and MP value pursuing the most.