The Detroit Lions - Franchise Turning Point 2012

This has bothered me for many years and the time to vent has arrived. I stand on top of Hindsight Mountain with a clear view of the Championship team, that never was…

The year is 2012 and Jim Schwartz enters the season with a 18-30 record as a Head Coach in his first 3 seasons in Detroit. He took the Lions to the Playoffs in 2011 as a Wild-Card but fell short to NO 38-10. The expectations are high for the 4th year head coach with a Playoff team.

The Lions start 2012 4-4 but the wheels fell off as the Lions finished the season with an 0-8 record and a last place finish in the NFC North. The final straw might have been the season ending HOME loss on Dec. 30th, 2012 to the rival Bears to complete the 8 game losing streak. But it wasn’t…

December 31, 2012 was Black Monday in the NFL. Jim Schwartz should’ve been fired on this date along with Martin Mayhew and their 4 years and 22-42 W/L record. Another Head Coach was fired on this date. His name was Andy Reid.

Andy Reid was a Head Coach that had taken the Philadelphia Eagles to the Playoffs 9 out of 14 seasons. He accrued a 130-93-1 record (%58) in the regular season with a 10-9 record in the Playoffs.

He was right there in front of our face. And so was a good buddy of his…

Mike Holmgren.

In October of the 2012 NFL season, the Cleveland Browns owner announced that Mike Holmgren would not be returning the following season. Holmgren’s availability was known months before the 2012 season ended.

  1. Mike Holmgren was “fired/retired” mid-way through the 2012 season.
  2. The Lions finished the 2012 season 0-8 and finished in last place.
  3. Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz had been given 4 seasons to build a 22-42 record with and 0-1 Playoff record.
  4. Andy Reid was fired on Dec 31, 2012 and hired 5 days later by the K.C. Chiefs.

Let’s change history for the sake of this post:

-Lions fire Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz on Dec. 31st, 2012 following the 0-8 collapse to end the season.
-Lions hire Mike Holmgren to replace Martin Mayhew as Lions General Manager.
-Mike Holmgren calls his old buddy Andy Reid who just happens to be available on the Coaching Market. Andy Reid is hired to replace Jim Schwartz as the Lions Head Coach.

Matthew Stafford is a 25 years old Franchise QB who is one year removed from a 5,000 yard and 40 TD season. Would Mike Holmgren and Andy Reid not jump at the opportunity to work for the Ford Family, have aFranchise QB on the roster and the #5 overall pick?

Mike Holgrem - who is widely respected and credited with establishing the Seattle Seahawk foundation of success as GM, that is still being built on to this day.

Andy Reid - %58 career winning percentage (at the end of 2012), 9 Playoff appearances with a 10-9 Playoff record. A well proven coach with a long history of success in the NFL.

Matthew Stafford - A 25 year old Franchise QB entering his 5th season in the NFL.

If any, how many Super Bowls would this trio have won over the last 7 seasons?


Totally agree with you. This game is all about coaching. That was our chance and we missed it.

I wonder if we will be saying the same thing about Ron Rivera?

Ron Rivera HC, Del Rio DC and Bevell OC? I like that a lot.

We will see who Patricia hires and give him another year. I just hope we don’t look back and say the same thing, man, we missed it.

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part of me wonders about the fords and hiring headstrong ‘good’ coaches. I honestly think the Lions like to do a little tinkering and want coaches that will listen to them and reid might be someone that puts his foot down.

Just something that rattles around in the back of my head.

Having Andy Reid would have changed everything. Maybe not as a GM, but a coach. One of the best playcallers of our generation. I hope he gets a ring this year.


I hated 2012. Probably my most hated football year of my life. This new coach, with the young, quality QB… we were going to have some good seasons coming up. And they were going to be sequential.
Finally, a quality organization I can be proud of. I can talk to fans of other teams and understand what their feeling. image

Probably zero Super Bowl wins. You know, since Andy Reid has zero Super Bowl wins

Shit, this franchise turning point happened November 22 1963 when WCF bought the team.


Or, was the turning point 2017?