The entire starting defense should play Sunday

We need to see progress from that side of the ball.

If Blough throws 5 picks okay it is what it is.

But its totally unacceptable even at 3 wins for the defense to be reasonably healthy and get shredded playing a team traveling back from across the country on a short week.

LOL, the Lions do this every time. Suck like hell until the last few weeks, then win a game or 2 and screw themselves out of higher draft picks.

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Don’t forget last year, a lot of fans were downright giddy that we beat a Packers team that was going thru the motions in week 17.

Must have missed this. Everyone was pissed at 247. Were you on a Packer forum?


Oh no, I was at 247. I clearly remembering numerous posters saying things like " I don’t care about draft status, I love beating the Packers", “a win is a win”, “all wins count”, “magic beans are irrelevant”.

I wish we could go back to that game thread and the few days leading up to it.

I’m still happy they beat the Packers because these dudes still would have drafted Hockenson.

He would just make more money


I have zero issue admitting that beating Green Bay in Green Bay is fun. I enjoyed that last year. If we did it again this year, I would enjoy that as well.

You can hope for losses. I understand that desire to pick high. I understand how we could have picked higher had we lost in Green Bay. You’re entitled to your own preference as am I. So shut up and leave people alone. We’re not the ones on the field. Our rooting and preferences mean nothing when the players take the field. Stop making the game about posters. Posters didn’t play.


Don’t think they would have at #5. I would like to think it was Josh Allen or Devin White.

Bush is the same size as White, they like big LB 250lb linebackers.

They passed on Harold Landry twice in 2018 so I wouldn’t put passing on Josh Allen past them.

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In a vacuum your are right, but just because a player in on the field doesn’t mean they are going to have the kind of impact that necessarily results in wins. Conditioning could be an issue…look at Jared Davis, he came back super early from his injury and original prognosis of 8-10 weeks (??) and he coincidentally did not start to play better until that 8-10 week period was reached.

That said I want to see improvement too. I want to see wins. I don’t care about Draft status. There will be talent in the top 15 in this draft with all the talented WRs and Qbs coming out.

I want a win period.

But the facts are we are playing Munny away and they are fighting for a playoff stop if not the dicvision.

Minny looses to us this weekend and they are biscally out of contention for the top two seeds…

It will be a fight and they aren’t laying down.


I want a win period!!


It’s always fun to beat the Packers. But I was pissed we won that one

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I was told that there was no room for Landry in our defense. Yep, no room for someone who gets 9 sacks! LOL
Ugh, this board sometimes.

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you want all the wins you can get ,even games that are towards the end of the season !


If losing out gets Patricia fired then sign me up. Lose out.

If he’s going to be here next year I need the defense to show signs against decent teams or I’m taking next year off.

The vision of what this defense was supposed to be is as healthy as can be expected Week 13. If they still look horrible I can’t support this team if he’s retained.

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What does it matter if the starting defense plays or all the backups, the results are the same!