The Ex-Patriot Games

New parody video up on YouTube to try to help keep some humor in our current situation.

How many ex-Patriot players is too many? Or is that even a real thing?..:rofl::blue_heart::lion:

PS: yes, Coleman was once a Pat as well, but he did not hop straight from the Pats system to ours, he had a two year stint with Seattle in between. That’s why I only listed Flowers in the video as the only ex-Pat that was on our defense prior to FA, before anyone points to that! Enjoy guys, and stay safe!!! #OnePride


Not many 33’s around here the last couple weeks.

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Love you both - fun and informative.

Thanks, Rachel

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Thanks Rocky, as always! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe :blue_heart:

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This is very true. I don’t even find many 33s in myself recently lol but fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:

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